Facilities Product Releases: Power & Communication

Listed in chronological order
Electrical System Modernization, Schneider Electric
UPS, AMETEK Powervar
Power Quality Meter, Schneider Electric
Portable EV Charger, Accell
Gas-insulated Switchgear, Schneider Electric
Mobile Charging System, Bretford
Electronic actuator, Southco
Power Monitoring System, Onset
Natural Gas Generator, Generac Power
Multi-point Submetering Platform, Triacta Power Solutions
Lithium Ion UPS, N1 Critical Technologies
Digital recording monitor, Ridgid
Arc Flash Protective Gear, Cementex
Distributed Power Generation, Fairbanks Morse
UPS, Schneider Electric
Isolation Switch, Eaton
Software, Reliable Controls
Energy Usage Sensors, Verdigris
Power Distribution System, Vertiv
Cloud-enabled UPS, Schneider Electric
Generator for Data Centers, Regal Beloit
Thin-Film Solar Panel, Sunflare
Transfer Switch, ASCO Power Technologies
Radio Frequency Booster, Spot On Networks
Power Equipment Annunciator, ASCO Power Technologies
Compact serial console, Vertive
Wireless Receptacle, Lutron
Generator, KOHLER
Annunciator, ASCO Power Technologies
Lithium-Ion UPS Provides Long Standby Life, LiiON
Busway System Has 1200 amp Option, Universal Electric
Power Panels Feature Flexible Configuration, GE
Generator Modules Can Replace Batteries, Maxwell Technologies
App Alerts Occupants During Emergency, In-telligent
Service Provides Predictive Data Center Analytics, EATON
Digital Service Predicts and Prevents Incidents and Downtime in Data Centers, Schneider Electric
Cloud-based Analytics Service Predicts Data Center Power Component Failure, EATON
Cable Management Solution Virtually Disappears Under Carpet, Connectrac
Communications Platform for Building Owners, Tenants, BuildingVibe
Eyewear Captures and Shares Information, XOEye Technologies
Solar Panel Produces Energy From Front and Back, LG Electronics
IoT System Provides Asset Management and Energy Monitoring, Schneider Electric
Power Quality Simulator Models Low Voltage Network Topologies, Schaffner EMC
Power Conversion System Has a Wide Range of DC Voltage Optimization, Northern Power Systems
Flywheel Generates 300kW of Power, Calnetix
System Recycles and Stores Wasted Energy, Neutopia ecoSOLUTIONS
Battery Delivers Over 10 Years of Peak Shifting, Adara Power
Digital Network Control Unit Optimizes Testing Efficiency, ASCO Power Technologies
Outdoor Power Solutions Provide Safe, Convenient Electrical Connections, Legrand
Standalone Power Supply Assists with Industrial Internet of Things, Bedrock Automation
Connectrac 2.7 Under-Carpet Wireway, Connectrac
Circuit Breaker Transfer Switches Feature Smaller Footprint, Russelectric Inc.
Circuit Breaker Designed to Fit in Smaller Spaces, Schneider Electric
Uninterruptible Power System Delivers Flexible Power Protection, Eaton Corporation
Switch-Based Power System Serves as Alternative to Circuit Breakers, ASCO
Monitoring Service Helps Manage Data Center Operations, Canara
Charging Station Delivers up to 7.7 Kilowatts of Power, Leviton
Charging Stations Help Improve Mobile Connectivity in Outdoor Spaces, Legrand
Remote Monitoring and Management System Collects Power Data, Eaton
Wireless System Improves Backhauling Mission-Critical Information, Fluidmesh Networks
Natural Gas Generator Line Introduced, Kohler Power Systems
Power Switching Control Interface Helps Increase Reliability, Emerson Network Power
UPS Increases Efficiency, Adds Power in Data Centers, Eaton
Power Switching and Control Interface Simplifies Management, Improves Reliability, Emerson Network Power
Cloud-Based Generator and ATS Monitoring, Testing Solution Developed, Murata Energy Solutions Americas
Paralleling Box Combines Different Sized Generators With Different Fuel Types, Kohler Power Systems
Rack Cable Management System Helps Improve Data Center Operations, Eaton
Uninterruptible Power Supply Series Optimizes Efficiency, Mitsubishi Electric
Module Supplies Power for Low-Voltage Power Networks in Buildings, Nextek Power Systems
Data Logger Capable of Collecting Real-Time and Historical Information from Multiple Sources, QA Graphics
Power Meters Measure Water Flow, Energy Use, Hoyt Monitor Technologies
Room Controller Network System Simplifies Data Collection, Eaton
Meter Reader Helps Replace Manual Reading Primary Meters or Submeters, Trident Network
Battery Powered Communication Products Help Energy Saving Efforts, AirTest Technologies Inc.
Uninterruptible Power Supply Addresses Data Center Boom, Fuji Electric Corp. of America
Gateway Connects Modbus Devices to BACnet Management Systems, Sierra Monitor Corp.
Gateway Delivers Remote Access to Power Systems, Eaton Corporation
Transient Detection System Protects and Monitors Critical Facilities Power, Emerson
Communications Gateway Provides Access to Transfer Switch Information, Russelectric Inc.
UPS Series Provides Optimized Efficiencies for Power Loads, Mitsubishi Electric
UPS Enhances Efficiency, Increases Power for Data Center Applications, Eaton Corporation
Power Meter, Schneider Electric
Variable Frequency Drives Provide Protection Against Washdown Applications, Kaman Industrial Technologies Corp.
Current Protector Reduces Risk of Arc Flash Incidents, G&W Electric Inc.
Power Distribution System, Steelcase Inc.
Load Bank Control System, ASCO
Transient Detection System, Emerson Network Power
Energy Meter, Continental Control Systems
Test Tool Helps Simplify Safety Compliance Testing, Fluke Corp.
Generator, Kohler Co.
Distribution Panel, GE Industrial Solutions
Variable Frequency Drive Resists Daily Wash-Downs, Kaman Industrial Technologies Corp.
Generator, Cummins Power Generation
UPS, Tripp Lite
Solar Combiner Boxes, Eaton's Cooper Lighting
Outdoor Enclosure, ASCO
Generator, Generac Power Systems Inc.
UPS, Active Power
UPS, Schneider Electric
Generator, Caterpillar Inc.
Communications Gateway, Russelectric Inc.
Transfer Switch Maintain Critical Equipment Power Redundancy in Data Centers, Eaton Corp., Electrical Sector
Clamp Meter Measures Current Flow in Electrical Systems and Equipment, Megger
Compact Power Meters Help Simplify Energy Management, Schneider Electric
Data Logger, Onset Computer Corp.
Data Logger, Fluke Corp.
Power Quality Analyzer, AEMC Instruments
Power Meter, Electro Industries
Power Meter, Dent Instruments Inc.
Critical Power Management System, Emerson Network Power
Smart Meter, E-Mon LLC
Energy Management Software, Siemens Building Technologies Inc.
Gateway, EKM Metering Inc.
Circuit Breaker, ABB USA
Smart Meter, Leviton Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Gateway, Russelectric Inc.
Circuit Breaker, Eaton Corp., Electrical Sector
Insulation-Resistance Tester, Megger
Power Distribution Platform, Eaton Corp., Electrical Sector
Call Station, Talk-A-Phone Co.
Cabinet, Tate Airflow
Paralleling Switchgear, ASCO
Energy Storage System, Stem Inc.
Power Management System Software, ASCO
Electric Motors, Baldor Electric Co.
Power Meter, Setra Systems Inc.
Transfer Switch, Emerson Network Power
Recessed TV Box, Legrand/Pass & Seymour
Smart Meter, E-Mon LLC
Transfer Switch, ASCO
Sound Masking Application, K.R. Moeller Associates
Aisle Containment, Upsite Technologies Inc.
Automatic Transfer Switch, Kohler Power Systems
EV Charging Station, Garage Juice Bar LLC
Modular Rack, Computer Room Uptime
Airflow Panel, Tate Airflow
EV Charging Station, Envision Solar International Inc.
Motors, Baldor Electric Co.
Submeter, Honeywell
Motor Switches, ABB Inc., Low-Voltage Drives
Power-Transfer Switch, Emerson Network Power
Energy Dashboard, E-Mon LLC
Insulation Resistance Tester, Megger
Generator, Larson Electronics LLC
EV Charging Station, Schneider Electric
Solar Charging Stations, CarrierClass Green Infrastructure
Portable Load Bank, Avtron LoadBank Inc.
Safety Switch, ABB USA
Current Transformer, Onset Computer Corp.
Low Voltage Switchgear, Anord Critical Power Inc.
Intercom System, Silent Knight by Honeywell
Uninterruptible Power System, Hitec Power Protection Inc.
Submeter, Honeywell Environmental Combustion and Controls
Floor Box, Legrand/Wiremold
Projector, Epson America Inc.
Portable Generators, Kohler Co.
Uninterruptible Power System, Mitsubishi Electric Power Products Inc.
Emergency Notification Platform, Talk-A-Phone Co.
Power Transfer Switch Controller, Emerson Network Power
Energy Monitor, E-Mon LLC
USB Chargers, Legrand/Pass & Seymour
Two-Way Radio, Kenwood USA Corp.
UPS, Eaton Corp., Electrical Sector
Power Quality Meter, E-Mon LLC
Data Logger, Onset Computer Corp.
Ground Fault Equipment Device, ABB Inc., Low-Voltage Drives
Multi-Outlet System, Legrand/Wiremold
Power Quality Meters, Emerson Network Power
Modular Power, GE Industrial Solutions
Sound Masking Software, K.R. Moeller Associates
Panelboard, Schneider Electric
Energy Management, US Energy Group
Power Metering Unit, E-Mon LLC
Call Box, Talk-A-Phone Co.
Current Transformer, Dent Instruments Inc.
Energy Meter, E-Mon LLC
Uninterruptible Power System, Eaton Corp., Electrical Sector
Safety Switch, Eaton Bussman
Energy Logger, Fluke Corp.
Emergency Communication System, Notifier by Honeywell
Energy Advisory Service, utiliVisor
Energy Management System, Telkonet
Energy Project Management, Noesis Energy
Uninterruptible Power Supply, Emerson Network Power
Power Strip, Legrand/Wiremold
AFCI Receptacle, Leviton Manufacuring Co. Inc.
Emergency Lighting Inverter, Controlled Power Co.
Electric Vehicle Fast Charger, ABB USA
Energy Logger, Dent Instruments Inc.
Generator, Kohler Power Systems
Power System Manual Backup, Russelectric Inc.
UPS, GE Industrial Solutions
Emergency Lighting Inverter, Controlled Power Co.
Motor Controller, Dayton Exclusively from Grainger
Sound Masking Generator, Cambridge Sound Management
Modular Power Infrastructure, Active Power
Temperature Sensor, Wireless Sensors (SensiNet)
Energy Management System, ThinkEco
AC Drives, Baldor Electric Co.
Solar Inverters, ABB Inc., Low-Voltage Drives
Solar Panels, Panasonic/Sanyo
USB Charger, Pass & Seymour/Legrand
Software, Summit Technology Inc.
Power Meter, Electro Industries/GaugeTech
Surge Suppressors, Current Technology
Panelboards, Cooper Crouse-Hinds
EV Charging Station, Leviton Manufacuring Co. Inc.
Surge-Protection Devices, Erico
Arc Flash Detection System, GE Digital Energy
Solar Roofing System, CertainTeed Corp.
DC Motors, Baldor Electric Co.
Two-Way Radios, Kenwood USA Corp.
Generators, Gravely Turf, an Ariens Co.
Portable Radios, Kenwood USA Corp.
Data Center Power System, Emerson Network Power
Generators, Generac Power Systems Inc.
Communications Service, Rapid Notify
Power Meter, Electro Industries/GaugeTech
Generator, Kohler Power Systems
Electric Power Meter, Continental Control Systems LLC
Emergency Phone Tower, Talk-A-Phone Co.
Floor Box, Legrand/Wiremold
Backbone, Emerson Network Power
Power Distribution Cabinet, Emerson Network Power (Liebert)
Switchboard, GE Industrial Solutions
Photovoltaic Fuses, Cooper Bussmann
Switches, Russelectric Inc.
Panelboard, Schneider Electric
Wall Plate Interface, FSR Inc.
Power Monitor, Kele Inc.
Power Over Ethernet Switch, PingBrother
Indoor Vehicle Charging Station, Schneider Electric
Diesel Generators, Kohler Power Systems
Mass Notification Switch, Lencore Acoustics Corp.
Generators, Subaru Robin
Transducer Switch, NK Technologies
Power Meter, Dent Instruments Inc.
Clamp Meters, Fluke Corp.
UPS, Emerson Network Power
Power Meter, GE Digital Energy
Battery, EnerSys
Speakers, Cooper Notification
UPS Module, Hewlett-Packard
Work Surface Modular Power, Legrand/Wiremold
Sound Masking, Dynasound Inc.
Sound Masking, Cambridge Sound Management
Sound Masking, Lencore Acoustics Corp.
Sound Masking, LogiSon Acoustic Network
Antenna, Galtronics USA
Generator Set, Caterpillar Inc.
Speaker Microphone, PRYME Radio Products
EV Charging Station, ABB Inc., Low-Voltage Drives
EV Charging Station, GE Energy Industrial Solutions
Intercom, Zenitel USA
Meter, Electro Industries/GaugeTech
Soundmasking Hub, Lencore Acoustics Corp.
Three-Phase Power Analyzer, Fluke Corp.
Panelboards, Schneider Electric
Arc Flash Protection System, ABB Inc., Low-Voltage Drives
Network Connection System, Graybar
Motors, Baldor Electric Co.
High-Efficiency UPS, Emerson Network Power
Two-Way Radios, Kenwood USA Corp.
Videoconferencing Lounge, Steelcase Inc.
Power Quality Analyzer, Fluke Corp.
Microphone, PRYME Radio Products
Energy Meter, Continental Control Systems LLC
Speaker Transducer, PRYME Radio Products
Mass Notification System, Cooper Notification
Generators, Aggreko LLC
IP Notification Software , Singlewire Software
Generators, Generac Power Systems Inc.
Generator Set, Caterpillar Inc.
UPS, S&C Electric Co.
UPS, Tripp Lite
Power Transfer Switch, Emerson Network Power
Generator Set, Cummins Power Generation
UPS, Active Power
Electrical Enclosure Monitor, Delta T Engineering LLC
Generator Set, MTU Onsite Energy
Smart Meters, E-Mon LLC
Transfer Switches, Russelectric Inc.
Transfer Switches, Russelectric Inc.
UPS Module, Hewlett-Packard Co., Rack and Power Infrastructure
Photovoltaic Module, CertainTeed Corp.
Suppressor Modules, Murrelektronik Inc.
Alternating-Current Motor, Baldor Electric Co.
Variable-Speed Drive, Danfoss Drives
Variable Frequency Drive, ABB USA
Variable-Speed Drives, Yaskawa America Inc.
Smart Meters, E-Mon LLC
Floor Box, Legrand/Wiremold
Paging Distribution System, Lencore Acoustics Corp.
Datalogger, Dent Instruments
Wind Power Turbine, Earthwise Environmental Inc.
UPS, Hewlett-Packard Co., Rack and Power Infrastructure
Power Quality Analyzers, Fluke Corp.
Generators, Subaru Robin
Power Monitoring and Control System, Emerson Network Power
Emergency Assistance Station, Solar Secure
Generator, Kohler Power Systems
Solar Assemblies, Cooper Wiring Devices/Cooper Interconnect
Data Center Infrastructure Management, Emerson Network Power
Submeter, Badger Meter Inc.
Rack Enclosure, Tripp Lite
EV Charging Station, Schneider Electric
Backup Power Test, Schneider Electric
Smart Meters, Leviton Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Energy Monitoring Platform, E-Mon LLC
Medium Voltage Power Transfer Switches, Emerson Network Power
Track Busway, Universal Electric Corp.
Emergency Communications System, Gamewell-FCI
Alternating-Current Motor, Baldor Electric Co.
Mass Notification System, Cooper Notification
Diesel Generators, Kohler Power Systems
Solar Microinverters, Siemens Industry Inc.
Uninterruptible Power Supply, Eaton Corp., Electrical Sector
Power-Quality Analyzer, Extech Instruments
Back-Up Power Monitoring, Schneider Electric
Overfloor Raceway, Legrand/Wiremold
Resettable Fuses, Cooper Bussmann
Solar Power Purchase Agreement, Siemens Industry Inc.
Photovoltaic Panel, Saint-Gobain Solar/Avancis
Charging Station, Blink Network
Charging Station, Duo-Gard Industries Inc.
Transformers, Schneider Electric
Uninterruptible Power Supply, APC
Generator Interface, Generac Power Systems Inc.
Suppressor Modules, Murrelektronik Inc.
Electric Vehicle Charging Station, GE - Industrial Solutions
UPS System, Eaton Corp., Electrical Sector
Emergency Communications Module, Talk-A-Phone Co.
Server Console, Hewlett Packard Co., Rack and Power Infrastructure
Floor Box, Legrand/Wiremold
Interface Module, S&C Electric Co.
Sound Masking System, Lencore Acoustics Corp.
Transfer Switches, Russelectric Inc.
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, Leviton Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Genset Paralleling System, Kohler Power Systems
Power Management Units, Schneider Electric
Communication Card and Driver, Tridium Inc.
Current Transducer, Onset Computer Corp.
Back-Up Power, Generac Power Systems Inc.
Nylon-Coated Cable, Cerro Wire LLC
UPS, Emerson Network Power
Mesh Networking Module, California Eastern Laboratories
Paralleling Generator, Generac Power Systems Inc.
Motor, Baldor Electric Co.
Clamp Meters, Fluke Corp.
Generator Sets, Kohler Power Systems
Trip Unit, GE Energy Industrial Solutions
Generator Sets, Kohler Power Systems
Soundmasking Software, K.R. Moeller Associates
Power System, Schneider Electric
Mass Notification System, Gamewell-FCI
Mass Notification System, AtHoc
Speakers, Lencore Acoustics Corp.
Raceway System, Connectrac
Power Outlets, Leviton Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Fixed Capacitor, Staco Energy Products Co.
Portable Generator, Generac Power Systems Inc.
Wireless Safety/Security Network, Digitize
Mass Notification System, Cooper Notification
Online Applications, Siemens Building Technologies Inc.
Solar Disconnect Switch, Siemens Building Technologies Inc.
Power-Distribution Unit, Hewlett Packard Co., Rack and Power Infrastructure
UPS System, Mitsubishi Electric
Mass Notification System, Cooper Wheelock
Energy Storage System, Vycon
Submeter Communication Option (Option LTP), E-Mon LLC
Generator Connection Switchboard, GE Consumer & Industrial
UPS, Para Systems Inc.
Submeter Communications, E-Mon LLC
Surge Protector, Ferraz Shawmut Inc.
Connector System, Anderson Power Products
Electrical-Safety Analyzer, Fluke Corp.
Projector, JVC Professional
Back-up Power, Generac Power Systems Inc.
Generator, Caterpillar Inc.
Surge Eliminator, SurgeX
Security Audio Servers, Zenitel USA
Ethernet Switches, Advantech eAutomation Group
Emergency-Lighting UPS, Chloride Systems
Emergency Phones, Talk-A-Phone Co.
Modular Fuse Holders, Cooper Bussmann
Floorbox Covers, Wiremold/Legrand
Kilowatt-Hour Transducers, Onset Computer Corp.
Rack-Mount UPS, Staco Energy Products Co.
Combinable UPS, Siemens Building Technologies Inc.
UPS, Eaton Corp., Electrical Sector
Surge Suppressors, Para Systems Inc.
Rack-mount UPS, Hewlett Packard Co., Rack and Power Infrastructure
Online UPS, Emerson Network Power
UPS Flywheel, Pentadyne Power Corp.
Line-interactive UPS, Eaton Corp., Electrical Sector
UPS, Falcon Electric Inc.
Voltage Regulator, Controlled Power Co.
Three-phase UPS, Schneider Electric
UPS Batteries, Falcon Electric Inc.
Uninterruptible Power Supply, Eaton Corp., Electrical Sector
Paging Speakers, Viking Electronics Inc.
Digital Multimeters, Fluke Corp.
Back-Up Power System, Generac Power Systems Inc.
Switchgear, Cooper Power Systems
Sound Masking System, Lencore Acoustics Corp.
UPS, Eaton Corp.
Generator, MTU Onsite Energy
UPS, Eaton's Electrical Business
30-Cycle Transfer Switches, Russelectric Inc.
Wireless Sub-meters, LEM U.S.A. Inc.
Power Floor Box, FreeAxez USA
Socket Meter, Schneider Electric
Tier 3 Generator Set, Caterpillar Inc.
Smart Grid Technology, Viridity Energy Inc.
Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), Hewlett Packard
PV Roof Panels, Centria Architectural Systems
The Wide-Area Emergency Broadcast System Wall-Mount (WEBS-WM), Talk-A-Phone Co.
EST3-Sixty Mass Notification/Emergency Communications (MNEC), GE Security
Rave Alert, Rave Wireless Inc.
Mass Notification Systems, Notifier by Honeywell
DNA-510, Viking Electronics Inc.
SS-2201, Safety Technology International Inc. (STI)
Emergency Communication Commander Series, Gentex Corp.
E3 Series Expandable Emergency Evacuation, Gamewell-FCI
Cooper Desktop Notification, Cooper Notification
Photovoltaic Roof, Carlisle SynTec
Loudmouth, Ritron Inc.
PAS 2-e, Code Blue Corp.
Sygnal, Siemens Building Technologies Inc.
TrueAlert, SimplexGrinnell
IP7 Series, Digital Acoustics LLC
UniStar UPS, Staco Energy Products Co.
Advanced Monitored ePDU, Eaton's Electrical Business
AtHoc IWSAlerts, AtHoc
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video Products Group
Music Page Interface (MPI), Lencore Acoustics Corp.
Qt PRO, Cambridge Sound Management
Unistar P Series Single-Phase, Rack-Mounted UPS, Staco Energy Products Co.
Clear, Heated Covers, Safety Technology International Inc. (STI)
Automatic Transfer Switch, GE Digital Energy
Raceway Conduit, Overly Door Co.
Uninterruptible Power Supply, Staco Energy Products Co.
AC7 Matrix Converter, Yaskawa Electric America Inc.
Uninterruptible Power Supply System, APC
CT-100 Split Core Current Transducer, Solidyne Corp.
E-Clipse Bypass, ABB USA
Logging-Multimeter Software, Fluke Corp.
Audible Strobe Appliances, Cooper Notification
TrueAlert, SimplexGrinnell
Power-Distribution Center, Coleman Cable Inc.
Wiring Duct, Panduit Corp.
Mass-Notification System, Gamewell-FCI
Air-Sealing Grommet, Tate Access Floors Inc.
Emergency Power Supply System (EPSS), Schneider Electric
Multi-Tenant Submeter, Schneider Electric
Bypass Switch, Staco Energy Products Co.
Drives, ABB Inc., Low-Voltage Drives
HVAC Drive, Yaskawa Electric America Inc.
Floor Boxes, Wiremold/Legrand
Flywheel UPS Systems, Vycon
Infrared Camera, FLIR Systems Inc.
Backup Power System, Generac Power Systems Inc.
Photoluminescent Exit Products, Jessup Manufacturing Co.
Data Logger, AEMC Instruments
Universal Power Alert, Dwyer Instruments Inc.
Mass Notification Service, Honeywell Building Solutions
Generator, Generac Power Systems Inc.
HVAC Drives, ABB Inc., Low-Voltage Drives
UPS, Eaton's Electrical Business
Mass Notification Products, Siemens Building Technologies Inc.
Solar Electric Roofing, Sika Sarnafil Inc.
Power Control Switchgear, Russelectric Inc.
Surge Protector, Coleman Cable Inc.
Data Logger, AEMC Instruments
Fuel Cell Generator, APC
UPS, Eaton's Electrical Business
Multi-Channel Encoder, Bosch Security Systems Inc.
Modular Power System, Generac Power Systems Inc.
Three-Phase Meter, E-Mon LLC
IR Sensors, Exertherm
Multimeters, Extech Instruments
Plug-In Transformer Protection, Honeywell Power Systems Inc.
Generators, Baldor Electric Co.
Infrared Camera, FLIR Systems Inc.
Wireless Alarm, NAPCO Security Systems Inc.
UPS, Eaton's Electrical Business
3-Cycle Bypass/Isolation Switch, Russelectric Inc.
Power Distribution Cabinet, Staco Energy Products Co.
Surge Protector, Coleman Cable Inc.
UPS, Liebert Global Services
Nurse Call System, Jeron Electronic Systems Inc.
Motor Disconnect Switch, Square D
UPS, Eaton's Electrical Business
Power/Data Raceway, Universal Electric Corporation
3-Cycle Transfer Switch, Russelectric Inc.
Renewable Energy Scorecard, Honeywell Building Solutions
Energy-Use Display, Lynxspring Inc.
PV Fuse, Cooper Bussmann
UPS, GE Digital Energy
Intercom, Aiphone Corp.
Wireless Connector, Digital Monitoring Products Inc.
Connectors, Anderson Power Products
EnOcean-Based Controllers, Ad Hoc Electronics
Ethernet Gateway, FieldServer Technologies
Industrial Batteries, GC Electronics
Poke-Thru Device, Wiremold/Legrand
Data Server, Eaton's Electrical Business
Electrical Analyzer Test Unit, Fluke Corp.
Wireless Submeter, E-Mon LLC
UPS, MGE UPS Systems
Brake Motors, Baldor Electric Co.
Surge Protector, SolaHD
Lighting Panelboards, Schneider Electric - Square D
UPS, Liebert Global Services
Power Distribution Unit, Eaton's Electrical Business
IP Network Security Devices, Honeywell Security
Multimeter, Fluke Corp.
Energy Analyzer, Carlo Gavazzi Automation SpA
Metering Cabinet, Schneider Electric
Digital Cellular Communicator, Digital Monitoring Products Inc.
Connectors, Anderson Power Products
Flat-Panel Speakers, ACP/Osnia
Overhead Cable Routing, Panduit Corp.
Wireless Security Panel, NAPCO Security Systems Inc.
Tier-4 Gensets, Cummins Power Generation
Generator Set, Cummins Power Generation
Phase Power Measurement Module, WAGO Corp.
Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor, Raycap Inc.
Wiring Panel, Uponor
Security Control Panel, NAPCO Security Systems Inc.
Lockout/Tagout Handbook, Brady Corp.
Transducer, LEM U.S.A. Inc.
Fiber Optic Cabling, Hitachi Cable Manchester
Generator Set Noise Reduction, Cummins Power Generation
Infrared Security Light, Extreme CCTV International
School Intercom System, Teradon Industries Inc.
Underfloor Cable Pathway, Panduit Corp.
Metal Floor Box, Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems
Submetering Software, Schneider Electric
Transformer Heatsink, Unifin International
Active Harmonic Filter, Schneider Electric
Generator, Caterpillar Inc.
Weather-Resistant Outlet, Pass & Seymour/Legrand
Rocker Switches, APEM Components
Wireless Data Logger, Dickson
UPS, GE Consumer & Industrial
Ethernet-Enabled Power Meters, Schneider Electric
UPS, Liebert Global Services
Transformers, GE Consumer & Industrial
Uninterruptible Power System, Hewlett Packard Co.
UPS System, Falcon Electric Inc.
Generator, Cummins Power Generation
UPS, MGE UPS Systems
UPS, Staco Energy Products Co.
UPS, MGE UPS Systems
UPS, Liebert Global Services
Dropout Recloser, S&C Electric Co.
Data Cable, Berk-Tek
Web-Based Power Monitoring, Emerson Network Power
UPS, Staco Energy Products Co.
Gas Generator, Caterpillar Inc.
UPS, GE Consumer & Industrial
Disk Storage, ProStor Systems Inc.
Multimeter, Fluke Corp.
Solar Power Monitoring, Sensicast Systems Inc.
Transfer Switches, Square D
Surge Protection, Raycap Inc.
Power-Over-Internet, Phihong USA
Flywheel Energy Storage System, Pentadyne Power Corp.
UPS, Staco Energy Products Co.
Power Connectors, Anderson Power Products
Power Generator, Generac Power Systems Inc.
Digital Relay, Schneider Electric
Industrial-Grade UPS, Falcon Electric Inc.
Architectural LED Displays, GKD Metal Fabrics
Cable Manager, Panduit Corp.
UPS Rack, MGE UPS Systems
Infrared Camera, FLIR Systems Inc.
Pass-Through Devices, 3M Fire Protection Products
Video Power Supply, Honeywell Power Products
Outlet Box Mud Ring, Thomas & Betts
Ethernet Network Diagnostic Software, Telemechanique
Wireless Pulse Counter, Spinwave Systems Inc.
Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor, GE Consumer & Industrial
Electrical Receptacle, Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems
Digital Multimeter, Fluke Corp.
UPS, Staco Energy Products Co.
Ground Fault Receptacle, WattStopper/Legrand
Harmonic Transformer, GE Consumer & Industrial
Television Screen Conversion Kit, Peerless Industries Inc.
Digital Power Meters, Eaton's Electrical Business
Electric Submeters, E-Mon LLC
Submersible Motor, Bell & Gossett/ITT
Uninterruptible Power Supply, Falcon Electric Inc.
Lean-Burn Generator Set, Cummins Power Generation
High-Density Metering Cabinet, Schneider Electric
Power Pack, Hubbell Building Automation
Surge Suppressor, GE Consumer & Industrial
Network Time Server, Eaton's Electrical Business
Plugs, Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems
Wireless Module, Moore Industries
Power Switching Supplies, Carlo Gavazzi Automation SpA
Rotational Connector, Anderson Power Products
Rack Enclosure, Emerson Network Power
Intercom System, Jeron Electronic Systems Inc.
UPS, Falcon Electric Inc.
Surge Protector, Raycap Inc.
Wiring Box, Wiremold/Legrand
Fieldbus, Moore Industries
Time-Delay Fuses, Ferraz Shawmut Inc.
Enclosure, Panduit Corp.
Dropout Recloser, S&C Electric Co.
Motor Relay, Eaton's Electrical Business
Critical Space Monitoring, Emerson Network Power
Rosettes, Timely
Remote Monitoring, Cummins Power Generation
Power Meter, Dent Instruments Inc.
Patient Call Signal, Jeron Electronic Systems Inc.
UPS Frame, MGE UPS Systems
Power Center, Schneider Electric
Transfer Switch Control System, Russelectric Inc.
Computer and Power Racks, Hewlett Packard Co.
Raceway System, Connectrac
Wide-Area Emergency Broadcast System, Talk-A-Phone Co.
Nurse Call System, Jeron Electronic Systems Inc.
Duplex Floor Box, Leviton Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Motor Soft Starters, Schneider Electric
Data Center Cooling, American Power Conversion
Power & Communication Receptacles, Thomas & Betts
Portable Ground Fault Line, Bryant Electric
Motor, Elektrim Motors
LCD Arm, Innovative Office Products
Access Ports, Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems
Server Racks, Hewlett Packard Co.
Fuses, Ferraz Shawmut Inc.
Wireless Mesh Sensor Network, Spinwave Systems Inc.
Two-Way Radio, HYT North America
Switchgear, GE Consumer & Industrial
Power Monitoring, Cummins Power Generation
Wireless Clocks, Lathem Time Corp.
Generators, Generac Power Systems Inc.
Edge Switch, GarrettCom
Electrical Tester, Fluke Corp.
Metering, Eaton's Electrical Business
Power Transfer Switches, Emerson Network Power
NanoCore Fiber Optic Cables, Hitachi Cable Manchester
IP Video Encoder, Bosch Security Systems Inc.
Power System Integration, Eaton's Electrical Business
Wireless Access Point Enclosure, Panduit Corp.
Surface Mount Boxes, Panduit Corp.
Fiber Optic Cables, Hitachi Cable Manchester
Connectors, Anderson Power Products
Cabling System, Panduit Corp.
Automatic Transfer Switches, Cummins Power Generation
Downtime Reduction System, Cooper Bussmann
Fire Rated Poke Through Systems, Thomas & Betts
Mud Ring, Thomas & Betts
Data Center Infrastructure, APC
Video Intercom System, Aiphone Corp.
Intercom System, Jeron Electronic Systems Inc.
Scalers, Blancett
Circuit Protection, Ferraz Shawmut Inc.
Infrared Illuminator, Extreme CCTV International
Transfer Switches, Emerson Network Power
Frequency Drives, Rockwell Automation
Generators, Caterpillar Inc.
Thermal-Imaging Camera, FLIR Systems Inc.
Submeters, LEM U.S.A. Inc.
Cable Ties, Panduit Corp.
Sensors, Moore Industries
Generator, Kohler Rental Power
Defibrillator Emergency Communication System, Talk-A-Phone Co.
Occupancy Sensor, WattStopper/Legrand
Converter, Veracity USA
Voltage Drop Calculator, System Sensor
Uninterruptible Power System, SolaHD
Transducer, Solidyne Corp.
Wireless Mesh Router, Kiyon Inc.
UPS, Staco Energy Products Co.
Wiring System, Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems
Flat Panel Mounts, Peerless Industries Inc.
Power Over Ethernet, Panduit Corp.
Generators, Cummins Power Generation
Enclosed Disconnect Switches, Ferraz Shawmut Inc.
Energy-Efficient Transformers, Schnieder Electric
Wall Plates, Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems
Infrared Cameras, Fluke Corp.
Diesel Generators, Cummins Power Generation
Electromechanical Relays, Carlo Gavazzi Automation SpA
Blade UPS Power System, Eaton's Electrical Business
Audio Intercom, Tech Works
DC Breakers, Schneider Electric
Electrical Infrastructure, Convia Inc.
Multimeter, Fluke Corp.
Transformer Oil Coolers, Unifin International
Wireless Access Point Enclosure, Panduit Corp.
Data Center Cooling, American Power Conversion
Fuses, Ferraz Shawmut Inc.
Meters, E-Mon LLC
Motor Quick Disconnect, Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems
IP Intercom, Jeron Electronic Systems Inc.
Cable Management System, Wiremold/Legrand
Solar Roof System, Dawn Solar
Thermal Imager, FLIR Systems Inc.
Electrical Connector, Anderson Power Products
Electrical Connector, Anderson Power Products
Facility Communication System, Cooper Wheelock
Metering Device, Lincoln Industrial Corp.
Motor Circuit Protectors, Schneider Electric
Generator Coolers, Unifin International
Drive Controller, Schneider Electric
Outlet Cover, Hubbell Lighting Inc.
VSS+DC Flywheel, Pentadyne Power Corp.
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, Leviton Manufacturing Co. Inc.