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Dan Hounsell

Dan Hounsell

Ryan Berlin

Ryan Berlin
Managing Editor

Editorial - Editorial: Dan Hounsell Hiring: The Inside StoryDan Hounsell, Editor-in-Chief, says strong internal relationships can benefit the hiring process
Feature - Paints & Coatings Advances in Paints and Coatings Have Long-Term BenefitsSpecifying to meet facility sustainability needs means staying abreast of changes in products and applications
Feature - HVAC Specifying HVAC Equipment Based on Facility NeedsWith careful planning, upgrades of boilers, chillers and air-handling units can improve efficiency, comfort and savings
Feature - Plumbing & Restrooms Upgrading Plumbing Systems to Improve EfficiencyBy effectively diagnosing plumbing problems and performing successful upgrades, managers can help minimize utility costs
Feature - Roofing Effectively Maintaining a Variety of Roof SystemsEffective roof management requires an understanding of system conditions and long-term facility plans
Feature - Management Insight: Darrell Rounds Facility Design Strategies and Tactics for Improved MaintainabilityMaintainability is inherent to building system design, and it ensures the ease, accuracy, safety and economy of maintenance tasks within that system
Feature - Grounds Management Environmentally Friendly Practices and Their Impact on LandscapesFocusing on equipment performance, water efficiency and chemical use can benefit operations and the environment
Editorial - Editorial: Dan Hounsell The Resurgence Legionnaires' and Resources to Help Address ItDan Hounsell, Editor-in-Chief, reviews the resurgence of Legionnaires’ disease
Feature - Special Report: Roof Coatings Effectively Specifying Roof Coatings Based on Facility NeedsEffective coatings specification and application can extend roof performance life
Feature - Portable Cooling How to Specify Portable Cooling Based on Facility NeedsSelecting the most effective unit for the application means managers need to understand cooling needs and equipment requirements