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Downtime Reduction System - Cooper Bussmann - Facility Management Product Release

Downtime Reduction System: Cooper Bussmann

Cooper Bussmann
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The InVision downtime reduction system is designed to increase productivity by identifying open-circuit events caused by short circuits and overloads. When a circuit opens, the system notifies maintenance staff by phone, e-mail or fax, providing information on the circuit’s exact location, the correct replacement fuse to bring, and the appropriate level of personal protective equipment.

In addition to diagnosing open-circuit events as they occur, the Cooper InVision Downtime Reduction System helps to identify recurring problems that might otherwise go undiagnosed. The System stores open-circuit alert data from which summary reports and trend analyses can be made to identify problem circuits that require remedial action.

The InVision system offers 99.999% event transmission reliability and offers the following components: an Internet-based application that displays the status of monitored circuits and initiates alerts; a Gateway that encrypts data received from the Routers and sends it to the secure Command Center servers via the Internet using a secure Web connection; wireless mesh routers that provide redundant, self-healing connectivity between the system’s IFMs/ICMs and the Gateway; and battery-powered devices that monitor circuits and transmit any change in status to the system routers.


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posted: 3/20/2007