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Power Meters Measure Water Flow, Energy Use - Hoyt Monitor Technologies - Facility Management Product Release

Hoyt Monitor Technologies

HMT Watt-erDog and WattDOG Power Monitors are 3 phase, 3 or 4 wire input configuration with isolated input channels. Both meters have their own unique features and display the results on back lit LCD screens, offer revenue grade accuracy and are available as individual meters or as kits containing color coded install harness with customer selected current transformers.

The Watt-erDOG, a Wireless mesh network power and flow monitor, is used for submetering, including a range of transduced measurements such as flow, pressure, or temperature. The Watt-erDOG displays consumed energy in kilowatts and one other physical parameter such as water in gallons or liters. The Watt-erDOG is a NEMA 4 cased meter and its inputs are completely sealed making it suitable for harsh environments. The Watt-erDOG is a wireless communication device utilizing a proprietary mesh network called DogNET. The system may be used in marine, process, or industrial commercial environments where wireless communications is required. The Watt-erDOG network will monitor 1 to 100+ meters in the same complex.

The HMT WattDOG is a web enabled, energy data logger that monitors and logs power and energy usage. The WattDOG has an LCD backlit color touch screen display featuring multiple screens for easily viewing measured information in more detail. The WattDOG utilizes a special reporting program called WattView. The WattView reports energy and power usage at a user programable rate and will display parameters stored in WattDOG. Energy Cost is a key display featured on the WattDOG as it displays costs for a particular process being measured.

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posted: 11/18/2015