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Switchgear - GE Consumer & Industrial - Facility Management Product Release

GE Consumer & Industrial
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The new Entellisys low-voltage switchgear solution (208–600 volts, 800–5,000 amperes) from GE Consumer & Industrial, provides new operational safety features and newfound levels of advanced protection, lifetime system flexibility, greater reliability and major strides in ease of use.

Among the enhancements: operators can perform virtually all control, monitoring and diagnostic work outside the arc-flash protection boundary using Entellisys' remote human-machine interface (HMI) options. It also includes the industry's first cost-effective implementation of bus differential (ANSI 87B) on low-voltage switchgear, according to the company. Bus differential provides true zone-based protection and detects faults that range from less than the bus rating to the full short circuit rating of the equipment.

The switchgear provides fully synchronized, waveform capture from every circuit simultaneously, and synchronized within microseconds. This enables fault reports and event logs based on accurate, system-wide information before, during and after an event for each breaker. This facilitates root cause analysis of power disturbances. Traditional waveform capture occurs on a breaker-by-breaker basis, is unsynchronized between circuit breakers and is typically limited to a few selected devices.

Users can set as many as 600 different alarm conditions for which the switchgear will send information to designated devices — PDAs, laptops, desktops, etc. — so that situations can be addressed before becoming problems.

Users can purchase a single metering function and then move it to any circuit for any length of time. Unlike a traditional system, there are no wires to rout, CTs to add or holes to cut.


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posted: 5/16/2007