Facilities Product Releases: Ceilings, Furniture & Walls

Listed in chronological order
Monitor Arms, Humanscale
Teacher Workstation Cabinet, Whitney Brothers
Solid Wood Conference Table, Davis
Custom 3D Acoustic Cloud, MDC
Modular Lounge Collection, Allsteel
Acoustic Wall Panels, Rockfon
Color-Customizable Task Chair, HON
User-Reconfigurable Furniture, KI
Self-Driving Glass Wall Panel System, Modernfold
Soundproof Video Conferencing Pod, Framery
Contract-grade Modular Wall Panels, Veridesk
Nature-inspired High-pressure Laminate, Wilsonart
Task Chair, Humanscale
Ceiling System, Armstrong Ceilings
Height-adjustable Work Station, Allsteel
Damage Free Sign Labels, Avery
Polyiso insulation, Firestone
Fan, Modern Forms
Vinyl Wallcovering, Versa Wallcovering
Acoustical Panel, CertainTeed
Sound-damping Gypsum Board, National Gypsum
Ceiling Panels, Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions
Barrier Board, Rockfon
Seating, Integra
Work Booth, Jabbrrbox
Wallcovering, Kirei
Lounge Seating, Allsteel
Table, HBF
Operable Partition, Modernfold
Standing Desks, Varidesk
Task Chair, Steelcase
Task Seating, HON
Standing Desk, Flexispot
Panel System, Kimball Office
Desk Chair, X-Chair
Task Chair, KI
Work Surface Pneumatic Assist, Versteel
Collaborative Furniture, Herman Miller
Panel System, Haworth
Polyiso insulation, Carlisle Syntec Systems
Acoustic Management Service, Plantronics
Panel System, Modernfold
Remanufactured Furniture, DAVIES OFFICE
Door and Wall Protection, INPRO
Magnetic door, ZipWall
Sit-stand Riser, Loctek
Sound Masking, Logison
Acoustic Panels, MDC
Ceiling Panel, Armstrong Ceiling Solutions
Ceiling System, Rockfon
Felt Ceiling System, Hunter Douglas Architectural
Acoustic Ceiling Panel, Kirei
Cloud-connected Furniture, HermanMiller
Wet-dry vacuum, Porter-Cable
Stationary louver, Ruskin
Display, American Time
Insulation, Kingspan
Desk Collection, HON
Cabling Solution, Siemon
Ceiling Panels, Parkland Plastics
Ceiling Panels, Smith & Fong Co.
Drywall Ceiling Grid, Certainteed
Ceiling Panel, Armstrong Ceiling Solutions
Sound Masking, Cambridge Sound Management
Acoustic Ceiling Panels, Rockfon
Chair Sits Between Task and Lounge, HBF
Ceiling Features Fully-Concealed Suspension System, Armstrong Ceiling Solutions
Task Chair Options Accommodate Flexibility, HON
Dust Barrier Toolkit Seals Impacted Area in Minutes, ZipWall
Liquid Moisture Barrier Helps Seal Wall System, W.R. Meadows Inc.
Dust-Barrier System Creates Seal for Ceilings, Floors and Walls, ZipWall
High-Performance Ceilings Portfolio Expands, USG Corporation
Environmentally Sustainable Dust Barrier System Provides Reusable Alternative, ZipWall
Sound-Blocking Panel System Keeps Conversations Private, pinta acoustic inc.
Dock tables come in many sizes, shapes, and details, Kimball
Wall Acts as Alternative to Traditional Drywall, KI
Chair Mats Designed to Protect Floors, Carpets, Crown-Matting Technologies
Wood Chairs Constructed from Bio-Material, Gunlocke
Collaborative Tables Add Refined Look to Office Spaces, National Office Furniture
Workspace and Collaborative Carts Improve Efficiency, Magnuson Group
Office Tables, Seating Enhance Workstation Settings, The HON Company
Spray Foam Insulation Raises Sustainability Bar, Demilec
Ceiling System Combines Sound Absorption, Blocking into One Panel, Armstrong Ceiling Systems
Glass Wall System Suits Specifics for many Space-Management Situations, Modernfold
Ceiling System Offers Monolithic Look Plus Plenum Access, Armstrong Commercial Ceilings & Walls
Ceiling Series Additions Add to Beam and Baffle Possibilities, Hunter Douglas Ceiliings
Work Lounge Helps Users Avoid Distractions, Steelcase Inc.
Software Allows Customers to Control Sound Masking Across Multiple Locations, Cambridge Sound Management
Building Envelope Product Achieves Air Barrier Recognition, W.R. Meadows Inc.
Chair Collection Targets Higher Education Market, American Seating
Speech Protection System, Cambridge Sound Management
Fiberglass Ceiling, CertainTeed Corp.
Wallcovering, Versa Wallcovering
Ceiling Clouds, Armstrong Commercial Ceilings & Walls
Sound-Masking Generator, Cambridge Sound Management
Stone Wool Ceiling, Rockfon LLC
Ceiling Panels, CertainTeed Corp.
Ceiling Tile, Parkland Plastics Inc.
Sound Masking Interface, Lencore Acoustics Corp.
Acoustical Clouds, pinta acoustic inc.
Integrated Ceiling System, USG Corp.
Loudspeaker, LogiSon Acoustic Network
Ceiling System, Zip-UP Ceiling
Composite Panel, Noble Environmental Technologies
Workstations, Herman Miller Inc.
Casegoods, Teknion Corp.
Benching, Swiftspace Inc.
Lounge Collection, National Office Furniture
Lounge Seating, Cumberland Furniture
Chair, Allsteel Inc.
Chair, Stylex
Storage, Inscape
Systems Furniture, Kimball Office
Table, Versteel
Power/Cable Management, KI
Lounge Furniture, Haworth
Waterproof Ceiling Tile, Parkland Plastics Inc.
Sound Masking System, LogiSon Acoustic Network
Stone Wool Ceiling, Rockfon
Metal Ceiling, USG Corp.
Sound Masking System, Lencore Acoustics Corp.
Fiberglass Ceiling, CertainTeed Corp.
Acoustical Ceiling, Armstrong Commercial Ceilings & Walls
Sound Masking System, Cambridge Sound Management
Air/Vapor Barriers, W.R. Meadows Inc.
Furniture System, American Seating
Laboratory Casework, Hamilton Scientific LLC
Table, KI
Ceiling System, Butler Manufacturing Co.
Ceiling Trim, Chicago Metallic Corp. - Rockon
Ceiling Texture, Homax Products Inc.
Resin Panel, 3form Inc.
Wallcovering, Versa Wallcovering
Grid Suspension System, CertainTeed Corp.
Chair, Stylex
Curtain Wall, Rite-Hite Corp.
Wall System, Marlite Inc.
Ceiling, Armstrong Commercial Ceilings & Walls
Wallcovering, Versa Wallcovering
Ceiling System, MP Global Products
Wall Covering, Móz Designs Inc.
Wall Tile, Crossville Inc.
Casegoods, The Gunlocke Co.
Acoustical Panel, CertainTeed Corp.
Interior Signage, 2/90 Sign Systems Inc.
Acoustical Ceiling, Armstrong Commercial Ceilings & Walls
Modular Sign, InPro Corp.
Solid Surface, Wilsonart LLC
Benching, KI
Moveable Walls, Nello Wall Systems
Workstation, Focal Upright Furniture
Chair, The Gunlocke Co.
Stackable Side Seating, Kimball Office
Metal Panels, Armstrong Commercial Ceilings & Walls
Wall Panels, InPro Corp.
Switchable Glass, Guardian Industries Inc.
Decorative Wall Panel, USG Corp.
Fiberglass Ceiling Panels, CertainTeed Corp.
Carpet Wallcoverings, Hufcor Inc.
Ceiling System, Sauder Woodworking Co. (WoodTrac)
Wall System, Butler Manufacturing Co.
Spring Ceiling Panels, Chicago Metallic Corp.
Porcelain Panel Line, Crossville Inc.
Ceiling, MP Global
Disinfectant Sprays, Spartan Chemical Co. Inc.
Table, The HON Co.
Task Chair, Trendway Corp.
Task Chair, Haworth
Table, Versteel
Chair, National Office Furniture
Casegoods, Kimball Office
Glass Wall, KI
Monitor Support, Herman Miller Inc.
Glass Wall, Allsteel Inc.
Conference Room Furniture, CORT
Workbench, Eaton Corp., Electrical Sector
Task Seating, KI
Lockers, Scranton Products Inc.
Ceiling Tiles, Parkland Plastics Inc.
Wood Ceiling System, CertainTeed Corp.
Operating Platform, Lencore Acoustics Corp.
Integrated Ceiling Systems, USG Corp.
Acoustical Panels, Armstrong Commercial Ceilings & Walls
Sound Masking, LogiSon Acoustic Network
Operable Partitions, Modernfold Inc.
Tables, Allsteel Inc.
Ceiling System, Armstrong Commercial Ceilings & Walls
Chair, @theOffice
Ceiling, Hunter Douglas Contract
Wall Covering, Móz Designs Inc.
Health Care Seating, Kimball Office
Wood Ceiling System, Armstrong Commercial Ceilings & Walls
Environmental Product Declarations, Armstrong Commercial Ceilings & Walls
Ceiling Grid, CertainTeed Corp.
Ceiling Panel, USG Corp.
Ceiling Panel, Armstrong Commercial Ceilings & Walls
Ceiling Grid, ACP
Ceiling Panel, pinta acoustic inc.
Gypsum Panel, National Gypsum Products
Task Chair, Kimball Office
Leather Veneer, EcoDomo LLC
Ceiling Panels, CertainTeed Corp.
Ceiling Trim, Armstrong Commercial Ceilings & Walls
Wallcovering, Versa Wallcovering
Wall Panels, CertainTeed Corp.
Desks, National Office Furniture
Videoconferencing Lounge, Steelcase Inc.
Systems Furniture, Allsteel Inc.
Seating, Haworth
Desks, Versteel
Systems Furniture, The HON Co.
Systems Furniture, Herman Miller Inc.
Seating, Ki
Benching, Kimball Office
Desk, Trendway Corp.
Gypsum Board, National Gypsum Products
Recycling Cabinet, Versteel
Translucent Wall Panels, Armstrong Commercial Ceilings & Walls
Gypsum Boards, CertainTeed Corp.
Wallcovering, Versa Wallcovering
Benching, Kimball Office
Ceiling Tile, Hunter Douglas Contract
Ceiling to Wall Transitions, Armstrong Commercial Ceilings & Walls
Acoustic System, pinta acoustic inc.
Seating Collection, KI
Wood Veneers, Kimball Office
Metal Ceiling System, Armstrong Ceiling Systems
Occasional Table, Coalesse
Solid Surface Casework, Futrus
Conference Table, The HON Co.
Gypsum Panels, Georgia-Pacific Gypsum
Chairs, KI
Ceiling Panels, Decoustics Ltd.
Ceiling Tile Coating, Armstrong Ceiling Systems
Chair, Cumberland Furniture
Seating System, American Seating
Low-Voc Wallcovering, Versa Wallcovering
Ceiling Tiles, pinta acoustic inc.
Bench, Cumberland Furniture
Acoustic Ceiling Panels, CertainTeed Corp.
Office Panel System, Kimball Office
Systems Furniture, Trendway Corp.
Safety Signs, Brady Corp.
Acoustic Panels, Decoustics Ltd.
Seating Collection, Kimball Office
Glass Panel, 3form Inc.
Bench, Witt Industries
Acoustical Ceiling, Armstrong Ceiling Systems
Table, Bretford Inc.
Chair, Trendway Corp.
Baffle, pinta acoustic inc.
Signage, ASI Corporate
Seating Collection, The HON Co.
Chair, KI
Wallcovering, MDC Wallcoverings
Wallboard, CertainTeed Corp.
Motorized Shade System, MechoShade Systems Inc.
Ceiling Panels, CertainTeed Corp.
Chair, Kimball Office
Tile, Crossville Inc.
Acoustic Ceiling Panels, CertainTeed Corp.
Ergonomic Line, Herman Miller Inc.
Solid Surface, Cumberland Furniture
Ceiling System, Armstrong Ceiling Systems
Hard Surface, All Paper Recycling
Chair, The Gunlocke Co.
Table, izzy+
Furniture Locking System, Hafele America Co.
Three-Dimensional Ceiling System, Armstrong Ceiling Systems
Furniture, Wood Designs
Gypsum Board, CertainTeed Corp.
Seating, The Gunlocke Co.
Insulation Panels, HIGH-R Inc.
Ceiling System, CertainTeed Corp.
Ceiling Panels, Armstrong Ceiling Systems
Sliding Walls, Zoneworks
Acoustical Ceiling Tiles, Hunter Douglas Contract Window Coverings
Workstation, Kimball Office
Tin Ceiling Panels, Armstrong Ceiling Systems
Interior Gypsum Board, CertainTeed Corp.
Modular Office System, Trendway Corp.
Office Seating, HON
Interior Gypsum Panels, Georgia-Pacific Professional
Sanitary Wall Base, nora systems Inc.
Furniture Resale Service, IdleAsset
Tables, Bretford
Furniture Resale Service, IdleAsset
Energy Management System, Wiremold/Legrand
Guest Chair, Cumberland Furniture
Prism, InPro Corp.
MetalWorks Wings, Armstrong Ceiling Systems
Techstyle E Ceiling Panels, Hunter Douglas Contract Window Coverings
Wallcovering, Vitrulan Corp.
Acoustical Ceiling Tile, Armstrong Ceiling Systems
Systems Furniture, Allsteel Inc.
DS1390 Low-Profile Sound Masker, Dynasound Inc.
Frost ClimaPlus Ceiling Panels, USG Corp
PHONSTOP V Ceiling and Wall Tiles, pinta acoustic inc.
Soundmasking System, Logison Acoustic Network
Optima Capz Panels, Armstrong Ceiling Systems
Mesh Shading System, Cambridge Architectural
Integrated Ceiling System, USG Corp.
Chair, Trendway Corp.
Wood Wall System, Armstrong Ceiling Systems
Perimeter Trim System, Armstrong Ceiling Systems
Fabric Treatment, The HON Co.
Reinforced Granite-Cladding System, Hardwire LLC
Side Chair, Allsteel Inc.
Seating, KI
Ceiling Panels, Armstrong Ceiling Systems
Insulation, CertainTeed Corp.
Screenwall, Centria Architectural Systems
Drywall Cutter, Goldblatt Tool Co.
Curtainwall, Major Industries Inc.
Anti-Microbial Sealant, SEI Chemical
Decking, Curveline Inc.
Architectural Walls, KI
Wall Panels, Marlite Inc.
Wall and Roof Panels, MeTecno
Exterior Wall Panels, Centria Architectural Systems
Acoustic Ceiling Tiles, pinta acoustic inc.
Fiberglass Reinforced Panels, Marlite Inc.
Corrugated Metal Panels, Pac-Clad
Acoustic Ceiling Panels, CertainTeed Corp.
Classroom Furniture, KI
Fiberglass Sheathing, Georgia-Pacific Gypsum
Glaze Assembly, Tremco Inc.
Impact-Resistant Louvers, The Airolite Co. LLC
Mineral Wool Insulation, CertainTeed Corp.
Exterior Trim, CertainTeed Corp.
Energy-Efficient Storefront Windows, Efco Corp.
Storefront, Efco Corp.
Storm-Resistant Cladding, Sto Corp.
Wall Panel, Marlite Inc.
Furniture, Charles Alan
Wall System, Omnova Solutions Inc.
Office Furniture, Cumberland Furniture
Acoustic Ceilings, CertainTeed Corp.
Drywall Panel, Georgia Pacific Gypsum and Quiet Solution
Furniture, KI
Wall Panel, ATAS International Inc.
Office Storage, Allsteel Inc.
Furniture, Bretford Inc.
Curtainwall, Wausau Window and Wall Systems
Low-Emitting Furniture, KI
Acoustic Ceiling Panels, CertainTeed Corp.
Gypsum Ceiling Panel, Chicago Metallic Corp.
Rigid Board Insulation, High-R Insulation Systems
Drywall, Georgia-Pacific Building Products
Antimicrobial Wallcovering, Foss Manufacturing
Structural Building Panels, Premier Building Systems
Architectural Walls, Armstrong Ceiling Systems
Metal Finishes, Contrarian Metal Resources
Wall and Ceiling Coverings, Omnova Solutions Inc.
Architectural Walls, KI
Panel System, The HON Co.
Architectural Mesh Retractor, Cambridge Architectural
Wall Renovation, Sto Corp.
Translucent Walls, Kalwall Corp.
Confernce Room Furniture, The Gunlocke Co.
Laminate Furniture, The HON Co.
Seating, KI
Furniture, Haworth
Wall Panels, Centria Architectural Systems
Upholstery, C.F. Stinson
Interior Wood Panels, Hunter Douglas Architectural Products
Drywall Grid, Chicago Metallic Corp.
Aluminum Composite Cladding, Alcan Composites USA Inc.
Interior Brick, Boral Brick
Tables, KI
Panel System, KI
Solar Control Device, Oldcastle Glass Vistawall
Wall Panels, Marlite Inc.
Seating, Lyon Workspace Products
Bench, Cumberland Furniture
Steel Framing, Dietrich Metal Framing
Curtainwall System, Technical Glass Products
Integrated LED Mesh, Cambridge Architectural
Concrete Repair Compounds, AquaBond
Furniture, The HON Co.
Chair, The HON Co.
Concrete Patching Material, International Coatings Inc.
Building Fabrics, Sto Corp.
Laminates, Omnova Solutions Inc.
Architectural Systems, Centria Architectural Systems
Screenwall Panels, Centria Architectural Systems
Systems Furniture, Allsteel Inc.
Joint Compound, USG Corp.
Metal Wall Panels, Centria Architectural Systems
Furniture, Bretford Inc.
Anchors, Powers Fasteners Inc.
Furniture, Cumberland Furniture
Stackable Chairs, The Gunlocke Co.
Wall Systems, Oldcastle Glass Vistawall
Chair, Sandler Seating
Corrugated Polycarbonate Panel, H&F Manufacturing
Ceiling Panels, USG Corp.
Guest Chair, Cumberland Furniture
Ceilings, Armstrong Ceiling Systems
Louvers, Greenheck
Wallcovering, Roos International
Wall Base, Johnsonite
Metal Wall Panels, ATAS International Inc.
Entrances, Oldcastle Glass Vistawall
Acoustical Products, illbruck acoustic
Ceiling, Armstrong Ceiling Systems
Sheathing Panels, Georgia-Pacific Building Products
Waterfall, Rock’N Crab Aquatics
Ceiling, Armstrong Ceiling Systems
Panelized Building Systems, Koreteck