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Meter Reader Helps Replace Manual Reading Primary Meters or Submeters - Trident Network - Facility Management Product Release

Meter Reader Helps Replace Manual Reading Primary Meters or Submeters: Trident Network

Trident Network

Trident Network announced a new design and release of their MeterReader. This device enables clients to remotely read Itron-enabled water, electric or gas meters, freeing up resources and reducing the cost of manually reading primary meters or submeters. Trident has developed a successful nationwide evaporation credit program for clients with cooling towers that provides significant, perpetual savings on sewer charges for buildings with cooling towers. This same technology can also apply to refrigeration systems, irrigation and large humidifiers.

The new design includes: wireless communication, overflow sensor, daily tower monitoring, e-mail alerts, renewable solar power, optional 120 volt A/C power, compatibility with utilities; battery backup, pre-assembly in U.S., weatherproof enclosure, easy installation, and telephone support.

“Evaporation credits are a little-known revenue stream that can significantly reduce operating costs or free up capital for equipment replacements,” says Jason Norton, president. “Trident’s MeterReader is a great tool for reading sub-meters on cooling towers or other equipment. Savings are pure profit after recovery of initial costs, typically in 10 to 14 months.”

Trident Network is providing revenue for their clients out of the clients’ own water and sewer budgets, recovering much needed capital for new projects or facility improvements. If your cooling tower or data center humidifier is only increasing your operating costs, you might be missing an opportunity for savings.

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posted: 11/9/2015