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Server Racks - Hewlett Packard Co. - Facility Management Product Release

Hewlett Packard Co.
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The 10000 G2 series of racks range from 22U to 47U and 600mm to 800mm widths. They offer a range of rack, power and switching options and are designed for all rack mounted servers and storage products in large enterprises with medium to large datacenters.

The racks feature an improved and updated front door design, improved front and rear door handles and latches and three-section side panels. The multi-angle door design and fully-perforated front and rear doors provide efficient convection cooling and improved ventilation. The doors have been tested to be 65 percent open for proper ventilation and cooling of servers and IT equipment.

The racks feature a steel roll frame which is folded seven times, enablig the rack to hold a net weight of 2,000 pounds of static and dynamic loading.


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posted: 5/31/2007