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Motors - Baldor Electric Co. - Facility Management Product Release

Motors: Baldor Electric Co.

Baldor Electric Co.
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Reliance® Super-E motors with the internal AEGIS bearing protection ring now feature 98 new ratings. The motors provide end-users with off-the-shelf availability of units equipped with a pre-installed shaft ground. The additional ratings expand the existing four-pole line of totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) and open drip-proof (ODP) designs through 100 horsepower (HP), and they add a two- and six-pole models. 575V TEFC motors were added — 1-50 HP, as well as TEFC and ODP close-coupled pump motors. The motors have the grounding ring factory installed internally to minimize exposure to outside elements and keep the grounding ring from being damaged by external forces.


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posted: 5/15/2012