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Edge Switch - GarrettCom - Facility Management Product Release

Edge Switch: GarrettCom

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PES42P Power Source Edge Switch is an addition to the line of Magnum Power over Ethernet (POE) switches that support clusters of IP video surveillance cameras or Ethernet-enabled access control devices. The product is designed to support up to four surveillance or access control devices as well as a fiber trunk back to a central control point. With up to four cameras devices hooked to a single switch, there are still fiber ports that can daisy-chain with other locations for high-bandwidth, secure transmission to the central monitoring point.

PoE combines data and power on the same copper cabling, simplifying installation and reducing costs.

The flexible edge-connectivity switch allows PoE ports to coexist with combinations of regular fiber and copper ports.

The product offers 17 different port configurations with a -48VDC power input for PoE and outdoor temperature rating.


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posted: 4/30/2007