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Transfer Switch Control System - Russelectric Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Transfer Switch Control System: Russelectric Inc.

Russelectric Inc.
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Russelectric’s Model 2000 PLUS can monitor key power data and provides the capability to control all operational functions of automatic transfer switches (ATS). The microprocessor-based control system allows remote monitoring using industry-standard, open-architecture communications protocol through a Modbus RTU communications network or through an ethernet network.

In addition to being transmitted, metered readings are displayed using scroll-down menus accessed through the unit’s keypad. Readings include: current, per phase RMS and neutral; percent current unbalanced; voltage, phase-to-phase and phase-to-neutral; percent voltage unbalanced; real power (KW), per phase and three-phase total; apparent power (KVA), per phase and three-phase total; reactive power (KVAR), per phase and three-phase total; power factor, per phase and three-phase total; frequency; and accumulated energy (KWH, KVAH, and KVARH). The control samples voltage and current simultaneously for all phases to assure high accuracy under conditions of low power or large waveform distortions.

The device operates at 45 to 66 Hz nominal frequencies and can be used in a single-phase or three-phase, three- or four-wire circuits. Accurate to one percent for measured values, it accepts inputs from industry standard current transformers.


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posted: 7/2/2007