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Lithium Ion UPS - N1 Critical Technologies - Facility Management Product Release

Lithium Ion UPS: N1 Critical Technologies

N1 Critical Technologies
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Lithium Ion-based uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems rated from 1KVA to 10KVA have expandable run-times of 12+ hours with additional battery packs. The 13 models that make up the L-Series and XL-Series use reliable and safety-tested batteries made with Lithium Iron Phosphate. N1 Critical’s battery chemistry is safe, stable and allows its UPS systems to run efficiently in more extreme environments (32 F to 140 F vs. 32 F to 104 F for comparable lead acid systems).

With a 10-15-year expected operational life, they last up to three-times as long as the Valve Regulated Lead (VRLA) batteries they are designed to replace, while also using less space, energy and weighing 33 percent less.

The batteries used in N1 Critical’s products can be discharged more than 1,000 times (vs. about 400 discharges for lead-based batteries), while also recharging faster and more efficiently.

Each model in both the L- and XL-Series features online double-conversion technology, which delivers a “clean” and steady supply of voltage to the appliances attached to the UPS. The models can be both rack- or tower-mounted, and all come standard with SNMP network interface cards and software to manage them remotely. Each has been ETL certified and independently tested to UL standards.


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posted: 5/17/2018