Facilities Product Releases: Maintenance & Operations

Listed in chronological order
Diesel Utility Vehicle, Kubota
Waste Management Service, Enevo
Sound Masking, Logison
Sound Masking, Lencore
Soundmasking, Cambridge Sound Management
Label Maker, DYMO
Cleaners and degreasers, WD-40 Co.
Thermal Imaging Camera, FLIR Systems
Proper Labeling Prevents Hazard Confusion, DYMO
Trash Compactor Features Automatic Maintenance Scheduling, Wastequip
App Streamlines Communication Between Property Management and Service Professionals, Servus
Food Waste Disposal System, EnviroPure Systems, Inc.
Environmentally-Friendly Cloths, Mops, Offer Green Solutions, Hospeco
Grease Container, Wastequip
Cleaning Solution Generator, Orbio Technologies Group
Data Center Operation Services, Schneider Electric
Expansion Joint, InPro Corp.
Vacuum, Goodway Technologies Corp.
Foams, Sealants and Adhesives, Fomo Products Inc.
Blower/Dryer, Tornado Industries
Disinfectant Sprays, Spartan Chemical Co. Inc.
Broom Connector, Osborn International
Grating System, The Bilco Co.
Cleaning System, Diversey Inc.
Recycling Station, CleanRiver Recycling Solutions
All-Purpose Lubricant, Sprayon
Wall Coating, The Garland Co. Inc.
Concrete Patch, Dur-A-Flex Inc.
Housekeeping Product Line, Staples Advantage
Waste Receptacles, Witt Industries
Arc-Flash Labels, Graphic Products
Maintenance Training Software, Spartan Chemical Co. Inc.
Sign System, APCO Sign Systems
Cleaning Disc, CS Unitec Inc.
Wheelchair Lift, Ascension, a Division of AGM
Recycling Stations, CleanRiver Recycling Solutions
Bike Shelter, Duo-Gard Industries Inc.
Cleaner/Repellant, Sprayon
Data Radio, Control Microsystems
Housekeeping Training System, Spartan Chemical Co. Inc.
Disinfecting Wipes, Spartan Chemical Co. Inc.
Electromagnetic Flow Meters, Badger Meter Inc.
Laptops, RIDGID
Work Stations, Shure Manufacturing Corp.
Protective Eyewear, Kimberly-Clark Professional
Bedbug Trap, AP&G Co. Inc.
Fall Protection, Kee Safety Inc.
Carpet Dryer, General Equipment Co.
Online Lockout Tool, Brady Corp.
Water Treatment Program, DiHydro Services Inc.
Disinfectant System, Jan-Pro
Concrete Repair Mortar, BASF Construction Chemicals LLC - Wall Systems
AED Cabinet, Safety Technology International Inc. (STI)
Recycling Station, Rubbermaid Commercial Products
Floor Finish System, 3M Scotchgard
Disinfectant, Pure Bioscience
Work-Surface Portals, Wiremold/Legrand
Online Business Tool, RIDGID
Label Printer, Brady Corp.
Anti-Fatigue Mat, Superior Manufacturing Group
Gloves, Ansell Protective Products
Marking System, Brady Corp.
Thermal Imager, Ideal Industries
Material Handling Cart, Rubbermaid Commercial Products
Steam Cleaners, Sioux Tools Inc.
Absorbent Mat, New Pig Corp.
Ice-melt Heating Cable, EasyHeat
Product Catalog, EverWhite
Vista Booth, B.I.G. Enterprises Inc.
Water-Treatment Program, Dubois Chemicals
Bird-Control Mist, Bird-B-Gone Inc.
Drain-Inspection Camera, RIDGID
Camera System, General Pipe Cleaners
DS1390 Low-Profile Sound Masker, Dynasound Inc.
PHONSTOP V Ceiling and Wall Tiles, pinta acoustic inc.
Soundmasking System, Logison Acoustic Network
Roll Towels, Wausau Paper/Bay West
Thermal Imagers, FLIR Systems Inc.
Cigarette-Butt Container, Rubbermaid Commercial Products
LED Signage, Chloride Systems
Commercial Interior Storm Window, Allied Window Inc.
Fabric Treatment, The HON Co.
Infrared Camera, FLIR Systems Inc.
Root-Cutting Machine, General Pipe Cleaners
Briquetting System, Security Engineered Machinery Co. (SEM)
Drain Cleaner, Electric Eel Manufacturing
Coreless Bathroom Tissue, Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products
VOC-Compliant Cleaner, Krylon Products Group
Thermal-Imaging Cameras, FLIR Systems Inc.
Bird Deterrent, Nixalite of America Inc.
Drain Cleaner, General Pipe Cleaners
Infrared Camera, FLIR Systems Inc.
Drain Cleaning Machine, Electric Eel Manufacturing
Floor Finish, JohnsonDiversey
Drain Cleaning Machine, Electric Eel Manufacturing
Contacts Cleaner, Krylon Products Group
Gas Detection Tool, FLIR Systems Inc.
Carpet Tile, Boylu Commercial (Beaulieu Commercial)
Parking Garage Protector, Sentry Protection Products
Anti-Slip Matting, Plastex Matting Inc.
Bird Netting, Nixalite of America Inc.
Lockout/Tagout Handbook, Brady Corp.
CMMS Timesheet Software, MicroMain Corp.
Office Seating, Allsteel Inc.
Engine Degreaser, Krylon Products Group
Wireless Clocks, Teradon Industries Inc.
Rat Control, Nixalite of America Inc.
Infrared Camera, FLIR Systems Inc.
Can Liners, Webster Industries
Vehicle Barricade, Delta Scientific
Masonry Sealant, Hanover Architectural Products
Bird Control, GBS Inc.
Anti-Bacterial Treatment, Component Hardware Group Inc.
Window and Door Tape, Adchem Corp.
Heated Walkway Mats, Heat Trak LLC
Infrared Camera, FLIR Systems Inc.
Restroom Door Cleaner Dispenser, Sloan Valve Co.
Sound-Damping Compound, Supress Products LLC
Recycling Waste Containers, Rubbermaid Commercial Products
Pest Mesh, Nixalite of America Inc.
Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, Kimberly-Clark Professional
Restroom Cleaner, Enviro-Solutions
Spill Mats, SpillTech
Audio Bird Repellent, Bird-X Inc.
Flow Meter, Dynasonics
Exit Sign, Chloride Systems
Bird Repellent, Nixalite of America Inc.
Flow Monitor, Blancett
Rapid-Setting Concrete, Ceratech Coatings Corp.
Bird Repellant, Nixalite of America Inc.
Bird Repellant, Nixalite of America Inc.
Receptacles, United Receptacle
Cleaning Chemicals, Warsaw Chemical Co. Inc.
Firestop, Hilti Inc.
Gas Monitor, Industrial Scientific Corp.
Infinity Decorative Waste Containers, Rubbermaid Commercial Products
Gas Detector, FLIR Systems Inc.
Signs, Brady Corp.
Cigarette Disposal, New Pig Corp.
Cushioned Rollers, Vi-Cas
Infrared Camera, FLIR Systems Inc.
Receptacle, United Receptacle
Inspection Camera, RIDGID
Thermal Imager, FLIR Systems Inc.
Airflow Meter, Fluke Corp.
Wireless Synchronization System, Spectracom
Receptacles, United Receptacle
Smoking Receptacles, Rubbermaid Commercial Products
Soundmasking Speaker, Dynasound Inc.
Smokeless Cigarette Receptacle, Halo Lighting
Variable Area Flow Meter, Hedland
Drain Cleaner, General Pipe Cleaners
Spill Mat, New Pig Corp.
Flow Meter, Dynasonics
Thermal Imager, FLIR Systems Inc.
Waste Receptacle, Rubbermaid Commercial Products
Waste Receptacle, Rubbermaid Commercial Products
Flow Meters, Racine Federated Inc.
Pest Control, Bird-B-Gone Inc.
Flow Meters, Dynasonics
Wall Base, Johnsonite
Thermal Imager, FLIR Systems Inc.
Workstation, Lyon Workspace Products
Smoking Management, Rubbermaid Commercial Products
Sewer-Cable Protector, General Pipe Cleaners
Handheld Labeler, Brady Corp.
Waste Containers, Rubbermaid Commerical Products
Concrete Sealer, Zinsser Brands, Rust-Oleum Corp.