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UPS - MGE UPS Systems - Facility Management Product Release

MGE UPS Systems
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The Pulsar uninterruptible power supply (UPS) family has double-conversion on-line systems and is compatible with next-generation power factor correction power supplies.

The Pulsar 700, 1000, and 1500VA units feature multiple-form factors. All models have a multi-position power distribution unit that adds receptacles to the back, side or top of the UPS.

During a power outage, the Pulsar can protect connected equipment for up to five hours with optional external battery modules. The internal battery can be hot-swapped from the front panel while the UPS remains in the rack. To maximize backup time for critical devices connected to the UPS, Powershare technology enables users to remotely reboot systems and turn off less critical equipment.

All models include USB and serial ports for remote communications and power management. The Pulsar UPS comes with a free version of Enterprise Power Manager to manage up to five UPSs or other power devices, regardless of brand.


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posted: 4/28/2008