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UPS - Staco Energy Products Co. - Facility Management Product Release

UPS: Staco Energy Products Co.

Staco Energy Products Co.
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The FirstLine 924 three-phase Uninterruptible Power Supply from Staco is designed to serve lighting systems for 8 - 16 kW applications. The double-conversion central inverter provides computer-grade power quality for any lighting system, including incandescent, magnetic and electronic fluorescent ballasts, high power factor compact fluorescent, high intensity discharge, high pressure sodium, and metal halide. In addition to providing a continuous 90-minute minimum power supply during blackouts, the UPS isolates and protects the connected load from damaging sags, swells, harmonics, noise, and voltage imbalances in the primary AC supply.

Three-phase operations support three-phase or single-phase loads. Input voltage rating is 208Vac or 480Vac with +/- 20% range, for an effective input range of 166-250Vac and 384-576Vac respectively, at 60 Hz. Output voltage is regulated to +/-1 percent of nominal at full load.


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posted: 11/14/2007