Facilities Product Releases: Material Handling

Listed in chronological order
Magnetic Mat Controls Transfer of Metal Inside Facilities, Powder-Solutions Inc.
Aerial Lifts Meet Material Handling Trends, Big Lift LLC
Spill Kits Help Ensure Faster Response to Cleanup of Liquids, HOSPECO
Arc Flash Head Protection Improves Visibility, National Safety Apparel Inc.
Protective Eyewear Features Anti-Fog Lenses, Honeywell Safety Products
Storage Units, Allegro Industries
Chest and Cabinet Provides Storage for Hand, Electric Tools, Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.
Vehicle Restraint, Rite-Hite Corp.
Belt-Repair Kit, ITW Devcon
Protective Eyewear, Honeywell Safety Products
Aerial Lift, Lift-A-Loft Corp.
Cable Management System, Custom Products & Services Inc.
Spill-Containment Scale, Scaletron Industries Inc.
Hazmat Vacuums, Goodway Technologies Corp.
Forklift, Cat Lift Trucks
Safety Mat, Brady Corp.
Storage and Handling System, Lista International Corp.
Safety Gate, Rite-Hite Corp.
Post Lift, Herkules Equipment Corp.
Eyewear, Honeywell Safety Products
Workstation, Newcastle Systems
Storage System, Bosch Power Tools and Accessories
Workbenches, Lista International Corp.
Scissor Lift Cart, W.W. Grainger Inc.
Inventory Management System, Fastenal Co.
Pallet Loader, Southworth Products Corp.
Lubricants and Cleaning Sprays, Rust-Oleum Corp.
Women's Workwear, National Safety Apparel Inc.
Construction Pants, VF Imagewear (Wrangler)
Collision Warning Device, Sentry Protection Products
Workstation, Newcastle Systems
Safety Compliance Products, Zing Green Products
Safety Cabinet, Lyon Workspace Products
Managed-Inventory System, Fastenal Co.
Smart Locks, CyberLock Inc.
Workstation, Lista International Corp.
Scissor Lift, Cushman
Safety Eyewear, Uvex Safety
Workbench, Knaack LLC
Safety Cabinet, Lyon Workspace Products
Scissor-Lift Table, Herkules Equipment Corp.
Boom Lift, NES Rentals
Compact Track Lift, Teupen USA Inc.
Boom Lift, JLG Industries Inc.
Modular Workstation, Lista International Corp.
Waste and Recycling Container, Witt Industries
Aerial Work Platform, Reechcraft Inc.
Work Gloves, Magid Glove & Safety
Mobile Workstation, Newcastle Systems
Recycling Receptacles, Witt Industries
Recycling Containers, Witt Industries
Recycling Stations, CleanRiver Recycling Solutions
Boom Lift, JLG Industries Inc.
Maintenance Wipes, New Pig Corp.
Lift Basket, Diversified Product Development
Aerial Work Platform, JLG Industries Inc.
Aerial Work Platform, JLG Industries Inc.
Ladder Accessory Kit, Creative Sales Company
Spill-Containment Kit, New Pig Corp.
Workbench, Lista International Corp.
Recycling Containers, Rubbermaid Commercial Products
Absorbent-Mat Dispenser, New Pig Corp.
Steel Locker, Lyon Workspace Products
Safety Station, Shure Manufacturing Corp.
Recycling Containers, Witt Industries
Material Handling Cart, Rubbermaid Commercial Products
Lockers, Lyon Workspace Products
Mobile Cabinets, Lista International Corp.
Bumper Guards, American PERMALIGHT Inc.
Absorbent Mat, New Pig Corp.
Bumper Guards, American PERMALIGHT Inc.
Scissor Lift, JLG Industries Inc.
Scissor Lift, Snorkel International
Aerial Lift, Lift-A-Loft Corp.
Vertical Masts, Haulotte Group | BilJax
Aerial Work Platform, Genie Industries
Storage Cabinets, Lista International Corp.
Spill Mats, SpillTech
Storage System, Eagle MHC
Metal Cabinet, Safety Technology International Inc. (STI)
Safety Eyewear, Gateway Safety Inc.
Briquetting System, Security Engineered Machinery Co. (SEM)
Ladder, The Bilco Co.
Portable Aerial Lift, JLG Industries Inc.
Motorized Tilt Truck, Rubbermaid Commercial Products
Roll Cage, Coleman Cable Inc.
Hand Truck, Rubbermaid Commercial Products
Lift, JLG Industries Inc.
Mobile Work Station, Lyon Workspace Products
Containment Pallet, New Pig Corp.
Filter Crusher, Newstripe Inc.
Container Lift, Hyster Co.
Metering Pump, Neptune Chemical Pump Co. Inc.
Filing and Storage Systems, Trendway Corp.
Storage Cabinets, Eagle Group
Palletized Lockers, Safety Storage Inc.
Recycling Waste Containers, Rubbermaid Commercial Products
Vertical Lift Module, MegaStar Systems
Computer and Power Racks, Hewlett Packard Co.
Server Racks, Hewlett Packard Co.
Labeling System, Brady Corp.
Worktable, Eagle MHC
Shelf Carts, Eagle MHC
Light Bulb Lubricant, Copperwolf
Wheels, Hickory Hardware
Storage System, Mobile-Shop Co.
Label Maker, Brady Corp.
Tool Cart, Mobile-Shop Co.
Spill Mat, New Pig Corp.
Worktables, Eagle MHC
Safety Cell, Frommelt Products Corp.
Storage Cabinets, Lyon Workspace Products
Waste Receptacle, Rubbermaid Commercial Products
Spill Kit, New Pig Corp.