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Monitoring Service Helps Manage Data Center Operations - Canara - Facility Management Product Release

Monitoring Service Helps Manage Data Center Operations: Canara


Canara announced the launch of Canara Insight+ for Batteries, the first-ever all-inclusive predictive monitoring service for mission critical facilities. The subscription-based solution bundles monitoring hardware, hardware replacement, and Canara’s predictive monitoring service to provide a complete solution. Data center operators that embrace this model can simplify their operations and realize cost savings of up to 50 percent.

“Canara Insight+ for Batteries is fundamentally changing the business of battery asset management by replacing upfront capital and costly hardware maintenance with a subscription-based, all-inclusive service,” says Tom Mertz, CEO of Canara. “The bundled model not only includes integrated monitoring hardware and an online portal, but also a expert power analysts to interpret performance data to predict and prevent failures, prolong asset life, and ensure uptime.”

Historically, monitoring and managing backup-power systems in a data center environment involved substantial upfront capital, unplanned maintenance expenses, costly personnel training and time-consuming reporting. Unlike the traditional “risk and react” approach, Canara’s new end-to-end service embraces a “predict and prevent” model through providing and managing every aspect of battery asset management. As a result, facility managers are empowered to focus on business priorities instead of the headaches of reviewing and analyzing performance data.

Canara Insight+ for Batteries’ groundbreaking hardware, Canara Quadrant Controller, gathers the same performance data with 80 percent less battery connections, resulting in a smaller hardware footprint and fewer points of failure than the traditional monitoring infrastructure. In addition, implementation and replacement is quick and non-intrusive.

Canara’s predictive and monitoring analytics as a service not only removes upfront capital, but provides convenient visibility into current performance, extends battery life, protects systems from thermal runway and reduces maintenance costs.

“By gathering core data in a facility, we can help mission critical facilities improve energy and operational efficiencies and ensure availability,” says Brian Hanking, chief technology officer at Canara. “Our as-a-service model helps facility managers navigate the procurement, install, commissioning and replacement of their critical power infrastructure.”


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posted: 6/14/2016