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Power Xpert Meters available in 4,000, 6,000 and 8,000 models include one GB storage, enhanced graphing, millisecond time-stamping and performance benchmarking. These features provide power quality engineers with the tools and data needed to maintain system availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Meters integrate into Ethernet networks to provide real-time detection and web-enabled reporting of power anomalies affecting equipment performance and system uptime. Meters detect power anomalies such as sags, swells, transients and harmonics, to monitor voltage regulation and to record and analyze critical data.

Enhancements to the Power Xpert meters include:

- Added storage capacity: Storage capacity of up to one GB to save several years' worth of waveform captures, critical for long-term analysis of power events.

- New user interface: Incorporating a 3-D look and feel, Power Xpert meters have a new user interface that includes a color-coded power quality index in the form of a thermometer, translating percentage TDD, percentage THD, K-factor, C-factor and flicker into an easy-to-read visual.

- Enhanced time stamping: One millisecond time synchronization provides highly accurate timing for events, allowing multiple meters and Power Xpert Architecture products to accurately time-stamp the same event for analysis. - Performance benchmarking: The new ITIC performance curve view pinpoints the exact spot where the event hit and displays both magnitude and duration.


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posted: 4/26/2007