Facilities Product Releases: Flooring

Listed in chronological order
Refreshed LVT Collection, Roppe Corporation
Slip-resistance Floor Tester, Regan Scientific Instruments
LVT, Roppe
Luxury Vinyl Tile, Parterre Flooring Systems
Entrance Tile, Musson Rubber
Vinyl Sheet Flooring, Armstrong Flooring
Resilient Flooring, Ecore
Modular Carpet, Bentley
Carpet Tile, Milliken
Resilient Flooring, Patcraft
Linoleum, Forbo Flooring Systems
UV-cured Concrete Coating, Niagara Machine
Rubber Flooring Line, nora systems
Carpet Tile Collection, Interface
Rubber Flooring, Tarkett
Broadloom and Modular Carpet, Mannington
Floor coating, Dur-A-Flex
Luxury Vinyl Tile, Parterre Flooring
Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), Patcraft
Grippy Carpeted Entrance and Floor Mat, New Pig
To Keep Your O.R. Operating, Start With The Floor. Start With Accelera., Dur-A-flex
Adhesive Floor Mat, New Pig
Rubber Flooring, nora systems
Resilient Flooring, FORBO
Wet/dry vacuum, Porter-Cable
Luxury Vinyl Flooring, Tarkett
Porcelain Tile, Crossville
Sports Flooring, Gerflor USA
Porcelain Tile, Ege Seramik
Floor Mat, New Pig Corporation
Carpet, Bentley
Carpet Tile, Patcraft
Luxury Vinyl Tile, J+J Flooring Group
Rubber Floor, nora systems
Luxury vinyl tile, Armstrong Flooring
Power sweeper, Yardmax
Cordless wet-dry vacuum, Porter-Cable
Carpet Tile, Patcraft
Floor-marking stencils, Brady Co.
Floor Covering, nora systems
PIG Grippy Floor Mats Help Facilities Improve Floor Safety and Maintenance, New Pig
Rubber Flooring Can Install Without Adhesives, MATS INC.
Carpet Fiber Provides Fluorine-Free Soil Resistance, ANTRON
Recycled Vinyl Flooring Resists Chemicals, PROTECT-ALL
Stair Tread is Suitable for Outdoor Applications, MUSSON RUBBER
Pre-applied Adhesive Speeds LVT Installation, MANNINGTON
Hybrid Flooring Combines Carpet with Resilient Flooring, FORBO
Carpet Plank Design Inspired by Etching, J+J Flooring
Epoxy Provides Vapor Protection, MAXXON
LVT Flooring Combine Chic Looks with Performance, Gerflor
Adhesive Backing Can Cut Installation Time in Half, nora
Edgy Carpet Tile Patterns Mix and Match, Bentley
Carpet Tile Offers Custom Color Matching, Bentley
Concrete Patch and Repair Products Help Restore Flooring, Dur-A-Flex Inc.
Textual Carpet Designs Adapt to Various Environments, J+J Flooring Group
Commercial Carpet Provides Flexibility, Bentley
Vinyl Flooring Contains Environmentally Friendly Features, Shannon Specialty Floors
Flooring Offers Green Option, Tandus Centiva
Energy Management System Enhances Lighting Controls, Intermatic Incorporated
Laminate Collection Designed for Commercial Spaces, Formica Corp.
Porcelain Tile, Crossville Inc.
Carpet Tile, Interface Inc.
Flooring Underlayment Helps Cushion Flooring, Lessen Noise Impact, MP Global Products
Floor Coating Enhances Natural Performance, 3M Scotchgard
Linoleum, Armstrong Commercial Flooring
Floor Resurfacing Product Helps Smooth Out Uneven Floors, W.R. Meadows Inc.
Floor Mat, Superior Manufacturing Group
Carpet Tiles, Empire Today LLC
Rubber Flooring, Johnsonite
Composite Flooring, J&J Flooring Group
Linoleum Flooring, Armstrong Commercial Flooring
Rubber Flooring, Johnsonite, a Tarkett company
Luxury Vinyl Tile, Armstrong Commercial Flooring
Carpet, Invision (J&J Industries)
Rubber Flooring, nora systems Inc.
Solid Vinyl Tile, Johnsonite
Textile Composite Flooring, J&J Industries
Luxury Vinyl Tile, Metroflor
Carpet Tile, Interface Inc.
Scrubber, Tennant Company
Resilient Flooring, Architectural Systems Inc.
Porcelain Tile, Crossville Inc.
Mat, Crown Mats & Matting
Carpet, Bentley
Sports Flooring, Gerflor USA
Carpet Tile, Mohawk Commercial
Carpet Fiber, INVISTA
Carpet Tile, Shaw Contract Group
Safety Treads, Wooster Products Inc.
Rubber Tile, Musson Rubber Co.
Luxury Vinyl Tile, Mannington Commercial
Resilient Flooring, Forbo Flooring Systems
Spray Adhesive, Armstrong Commercial Flooring
Rubber Flooring, nora systems Inc.
Carpet Tile, J&J Industries - Invision
Vinyl Tile, TOLI International
Urethane Flooring, Stonhard Inc.
Vinyl Composition Tile, Johnsonite
Static Control Flooring, Roppe Corp.
Raised Floor, Custom Products & Services
Carpet Tile, Patcraft Commercial Carpet
Rubber Floor, nora systems Inc.
Carpet, J&J Industries - Invision
Carpet, Bloomsburg Carpet Industries Inc.
Vinyl Flooring, Johnsonite
Carpet, Patcraft Commercial Carpet
Luxury Vinyl Tile, Armstrong Commercial Flooring
Premium Vinyl Plank, Roppe Corp.
Carpet Tile, Shaw Contract Group
Carpet, Bentley Prince Street Inc.
Wall Base, Flexco Co.
Modular Sports Floor, Action Floor Systems
Luxury Vinyl Tile, Tarkett
Carpet Tile, Tate Access Floors Inc.
Carpet Tile, InterfaceFLOR LLC
Inlaid Flooring, Mannington Commercial
Slip-Resistant Flooring, Wooster Products Inc.
Carpet Tile, Bentley Prince Street Inc.
Vinyl Tile, Armstrong Commercial Flooring
Resilient Sheet Flooring, Tandus Flooring
Rubber Tile, Roppe Corp.
Rubber Flooring, Johnsonite
Carpet Tile, Mohawk Commercial
Rubber Flooring, Musson Rubber Co.
Porcelain Tile, Crossville Inc.
Sheet Vinyl Flooring, Shaw Contract Group
Carpet Tile, InterfaceFLOR LLC
Vinyl Flooring, Johnsonite
Vinyl Flooring, Architectural Systems Inc.
Floor Mat, Crown Mats & Matting
Porcelain Tile Collection, Crossville Inc.
Floor Finish, Betco Corp.
Safety Matting, Plastex Matting Inc.
Floor Covering, Forbo Flooring Systems
Carpet, Bentley Prince Street Inc.
Carpet, Mannington Commercial
Textile Flooring, J&J Industries
Carpet Tiles, InterfaceFLOR LLC
Wood Vinyl Plank, Flexco Co.
Modular Carpet Tiles, Tandus Flooring
Modular Carpet Tiles, Mohawk Commercial
Tile Backing, Shaw Contract Group
Rubber Tile, Johnsonite
Resilient Flooring, Crossville Inc.
Floor Tile, Armstrong Commercial Flooring
Luxury Vinyl Tile, Amtico International
Vinyl Flooring, Centiva
Luxury Vinyl Tile, Shaw Contract Group
VCT Recycling Program, Armstrong Commercial Flooring
Carpet, Bentley Prince Street Inc.
Propane Burnisher, WerkMaster Grinders & Sanders Inc.
Carpet, Shaw Hospitality Group
Floor Coatings, Tennant Company
Carpet, Tandus Flooring
Linoleum, Johnsonite
Carpet Tile, Shaw Contract Group
Carpet Fiber, INVISTA
Vinyl Sheet Flooring, Johnsonite
Resilient Flooring, Armstrong Commercial Flooring
Floor Box, Legrand/Wiremold
Carpet, Shaw Contract Group
Luxury Vinyl Tile, Amtico International
Access Floor, Tate Access Floors Inc.
Rubber Flooring, nora systems Inc.
Resilient Flooring, Armstrong Commercial Flooring
Tile, Crossville Inc.
Stair Treads, Wooster Products Inc.
Homogenous Vinyl Tile, CBC Flooring
Carpet Tile, Tandus Flooring
Solid Vinyl Tile, Johnsonite
Carpet, Shaw Contract Group
Stair Tread and Riser, Musson Rubber Co.
Entrance Mat, Forbo Flooring
Carpet Tile, J+J/Invision
Luxury Vinyl Tile, Amtico International
Carpet, Mohawk Commercial
Carpet, Bentley Prince Street Inc.
Luxury Vinyl Tile, Gerflor USA
Sheet Vinyl Flooring, Armstrong Commercial Flooring
Carpet Tile Adhesive, Shaw Contract Group
Tile, Crossville Inc.
Athletic Floor System, Action Floor Systems
Floor Coating, Sherwin-Williams
Flooring, Tandus Flooring
Floor Scrubber, Karcher Commercial
Anti-Static Carpet Tile, Staticworx Inc.
Sheet Vinyl Line, Armstrong Commercial Flooring
Premium Vinyl Tile, Roppe Corp.
Carpet Fiber, Shaw Contract Group
Access Hatch, Howe Green Ltd.
Rubber Tile, Johnsonite
Vinyl Tile, Flexco Co.
Modular Carpet, InterfaceFLOR LLC
Yarn, Tandus Flooring
Vinyl Enhanced Tile, Johnsonite
Static Dissipative Tile, Flexco Co.
Matting System, Crown Mats and Matting
VCT floor tiles, Mannington Commercial
Metal Tiles, Crossville Inc.
Rubber Flooring, Mondo USA
Floor Tiles, Amtico International
Moisture Resistant Adhesives, Armstrong Commercial Flooring
Floor Scrubber, Tennant Company
Carpet Tile, J&J/Invision
Carpet, Beaulieu Commercial
Carpet, Mannington
Carpet Fiber, Antron Carpet Fiber
Carpet Tile, Tandus Flooring
Carpet, The Mohawk Group
Carpet, Milliken Carpet
Carpet, InterfaceFLOR LLC
Porcelain Tiles, Crossville Inc.
Carpet, Bentley Prince Street Inc.
Porcelain Mosaic Tiles, Dal-Tile Corp.
Porcelain Tile, Hastings Tile & Bath
Vinyl Flooring, Gerflor USA
Floor Box, Wiremold/Legrand
Carpet Tile, Bentley Prince Street Inc.
Access Panel, Howe Green Ltd.
Carpet, Shaw Hospitality Group
Floor Cleaner, PAK-IT LLC
Carpet Tile, Patcraft Commercial Carpet
Resilient Flooring, Armstrong Commercial Flooring
Carpet System, TacFast Systems International
Carpet Tile, Milliken Contract
Floor Marking Products, Brady Corp.
Flooring Systems, Johnsonite
Resilient Flooring, Mannington
VCT, Mannington
Slip Resistant Flooring, Halo Floors
Resilient Flooring, Centiva
Carpet Tile, Lees Carpets
Resilient Flooring, ECOsurfaces Commercial Flooring
Carpet Tile, InterfaceFLOR LLC
Resilient Flooring System, Stonhard Inc.
Carpet Tile, Patcraft Commercial Carpet
Ceramic Tile, StonePeak Ceramics Inc.
Modular and Broadloom Carpet, Bigelow Commercial
Cork Veneer Flooring, Ceres Natural Floors
Uno-Tred One Piece Tile, Musson Rubber Co.
Marmoleum Composition Tile, Forbo Flooring
Saga Tile, Gerflor USA
Modular and Sheet Rubber Flooring, nora systems Inc.
Hardwood Tiles, Tate Access Floors Inc.
Resilient Sheet Flooring, TOLI International
Antron Lumena Carpet Fiber, INVISTA
Modular and Broadloom Carpet, Shaw Contract Group
Flooring Wall Base, Johnsonite
SafeTcork Tiles and Treads, Roppe Corp.
Resilient Flooring Lines, Armstrong Commercial Flooring
Resilient Flooring, Flexco Co.
Laminated Flooring, Wilsonart Commercial Flooring
Carpet Tile, Milliken Contract
Carpet Tile, Tandus
Resilient Flooring, Amtico International
Floor Sealer, Enviro-Solutions Ltd.
Cleaning Solution, Wet And Forget Inc.
Liquid Cleaning Packets, DCL Solutions
Labels for Carpet Tile, Shaw Contract Group
Floor Finish System, 3M Scotchgard
Rubber Flooring, nora systems Inc.
Urethane Concrete, Sherwin-Williams
Floor Finish, 3M Scotchgard
Entrance System, Forbo Flooring
Flooring Wall Base, Flexco Co.
Floor-Polishing System, General Equipment Co.
Porcelain Tiles, StonePeak Ceramics Inc.
Tile Flooring, Mediterranea
Flooring, Gerflor USA
WELS Sheet, Ceres Natural Floors
Woodgrains Collection, Wilsonart Commercial Flooring
ECOshapes, ECOsurfaces Commercial Flooring
Tuflex Force, Flexco Co.
Sixth Sense Collection, Lees Carpets
Spacia Access, Amtico International
Twisted Plains, Halo Floors
SignaFlor, SignaFlex, SignaFlexAqua, RubberDeck and TempoTile, Signature Sports Flooring
Resilient Flooring, Johnsonite
Sheet Rubber Flooring, Musson Rubber Co.
Mindscapes Collection, Bolyu Contract
Saga2, Gerflor USA
Paste Up Collection, Milliken Contract
Powerbond, Tandus
Norament 925 Serra, nora systems Inc.
City by City Modular Carpet Collection, Bigelow Commercial
Wood Tile for Raised Access Floors, Tate Access Floors Inc.
Resilient Flooring, Stonhard Inc.
World Options Vinyl Tile Collection, Centiva
Abstraction Collection, Patcraft Commercial Carpet
Impression Vinyl Enhanced Tile, LG Floors
Bio_Legacy Nylon Carpet Fiber, Antron Carpet Fiber
Traditional, Premium and Premium Lustre Laminate, Armstrong Commercial Flooring
Linotesta, TOLI International
Lonfoam Heiko, Lonseal Inc.
Resilient Flooring, Forbo Flooring
Bohemia Series, Hakatai Enterprises Inc.
Wool collection of the Eco Solution Q nylon line, Shaw Contract Group
TacTiles, InterfaceFLOR LLC
Wood Tile, Tate Access Floors Inc.
Tile Underlayment Membrane, LATICRETE International Inc.
Cork Flooring, Ceres Natural Floors
Commercial Sheet Flooring, LG Floors
Flooring Finish, Ultra Durable Floors
Epoxy-Mortar Flooring, Stonhard Inc.
Spill Mats, SpillTech
Carpet, Shaw Contract Group
noraplan® environcare™ Rubber Flooring, nora systems Inc.
Vinyl Tile, Johnsonite
Carpet, PacifiCrest Mills Inc.
Vinyl Flooring, Forbo Flooring
Vinyl Flooring, Johnsonite
Floor Panel System, Deluxe Building Systems
Carpeting, PacifiCrest Mills Inc.
Carpeting, Bentley Prince Street Inc.
Floor Finish, JohnsonDiversey
Floor Installation System, Gerflor USA
Textiles, Pallas Textiles
Floor Underlayment, USG Corp.
Concrete Sealant, W.R. Meadows Inc.
Carpeting, INVISTA
Sound Board, USG Corp.
Carpet Tile, Boylu Commercial (Beaulieu Commercial)
Floor Underlayment, USG Corp.
Terrazzo Access Flooring, Tate Access Floors Inc.
Vinyl Flooring, Lonseal Inc.
Kiosk Security Mat, Larco
Absorbent Mats, New Pig Corp.
Carpeting, Solutia Inc.
Floor Finish, JohnsonDiversey
Porcelain Tile, GranitiFiandre
Air Sealing Raised Floor Assembly, Panduit Corp.
Wood Flooring Adhesive, USG Corp.
Water-Repellent Coating, Dow Corning Corp.
Carpeting, Boylu Commercial (Beaulieu Commercial)
Flooring Preparation Compound, Mapei
Water Sealant, W.R. Meadows Inc.
Hardwood Flooring, Armstrong Commercial Flooring
Underfloor Cable Pathway, Panduit Corp.
Raised Floor Grommets, Upsite Technologies Inc.
Carpet Cleaning Machine, Advance
Flooring, Valspar Flooring
Carpeting, Cambridge Commercial Carpets
Flooring Adhesive, nora systems Inc.
Floor Covering, Freudenberg Building Systems
Vinyl Flooring, Gerflor USA
Flooring, Forbo Flooring
Flooring, Responsive Flooring
Decking, Lonseal Inc.
Sealing Compound, W.R. Meadows Inc.
Heated Walkway Mats, Heat Trak LLC
Carpet Dryer, Dri-Eaz Products Inc.
Resilient Flooring, Tarkett
Hardwood and Parquet Flooring, Armstrong Commercial Flooring
Flooring, Responsive Flooring
Carpeting, Cambridge Commercial Carpets
Carpeting Tiles, Milliken Carpet
Flooring Tiles, Tarkett
Carpeting, Bentley Prince Street Inc.
Spill Mats, SpillTech
Linoleum Coating, Armstrong Commercial Flooring
Carpeting, Boylu Commercial (Beaulieu Commercial)
Concrete Refinishing, FGS/Permashine
Polyurethane Flooring, FloorFolio Industries
Concrete Coating, United Coatings
Antimicrobial Carpeting, Foss Manufacturing
Carpeting, Shaw Contract Group
Carpeting, Milliken Carpet
Floor Coating, Action Floor Systems
Antimicrobial Fiber, Foss Manufacturing
High-Pressure Laminate, Wilsonart Commercial Flooring
Tiles, Mosaic Tile Supplies LLC
Floor Tile, Tarkett
Flooring Underlayment, USG Corp.
Floor Scrubber, Tennant Company
Floor Coating, Valspar Flooring
Flooring Adhesive, DriTac Adhesive Group
Floor-Patching System, Devcon
Carpeting, Designweave Commercial Carpets
Flooring, Freudenberg Building Systems
Flooring, Chemline Inc.
Mat, New Pig Corp.
Carpet Backing, Mannington Commercial
Floor Coating, Tennant Company
Flooring, nora systems Inc.
Floor Coating, Krylon Products Group
Flooring Adhesive, Ufloor Systems Inc.
Contract Flooring, Lees Carpets
Upholstery Pattern, Omnova Solutions Inc.
Ceramic Tile, Ege Seramik
Expansion Molding, Wilsonart Commercial Flooring
Floor Finish Stripper, Proctor & Gamble Professional
Raised Floor Stripper, P&G Professional
Floor Coating, Dur-A-Flex Inc.
Commercial Rubber Floor, Freudenberg Building Systems
Flooring, Wilsonart Commercial Flooring
Polymer Floors, Stonhard Inc.
Carpet Tile, Karastan Contract
Carpet Backing, Shaw Contract Group
Vinyl Flooring, Parterre Flooring Systems
Vinyl Flooring, Parterre Flooring Systems
Linoleum Floor, Johnsonite
Cable Management System, Wiremold/Legrand
Floor Scrubber, Tennant Company
Flooring, Wilsonart Commercial Flooring
Vinyl Flooring, Parterre Flooring Systems
Porcelain Tile, Crossville Inc.