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Multi-point Submetering Platform - Triacta Power Solutions - Facility Management Product Release

Multi-point Submetering Platform: Triacta Power Solutions

Triacta Power Solutions
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Triacta GATEWAY multi-point submetering platform with electricity metrology has the ability to pull in and report on data from other meters and devices, and multi-homing capabilities to act as an information source for multiple cloud services.

The Triacta GATEWAY system can integrate with legacy building automation systems, but its IP networking, built-in wireless and data acquisition capabilities also allow it to act as the backbone for building information acquisition. This allows older buildings and the sub 50,000 square foot market to participate in regulatory, M&V and energy management programs on an equal footing with large office buildings.

The Triacta GATEWAY meter features:

• Metrology ready for billing, energy management and M&V applications
• A flexible, modular architecture that can accommodate anywhere from 12 to 48 inputs in 12 input increments (electrical CT or pulse input) for measuring electricity and collecting water or natural gas meter information — all on the same device
• Meter multi-homing capabilities with cloud-based access for simultaneous communications with multiple cloud services
• Multi-communication capabilities to match any particular networking situation, from legacy building systems to IoT, along with built-in WIFI (client/access point), Ethernet and USB
• Two voltage references for use with multiple building transformers and voltages
• Linux operating system for future proof platform development to meet current and future energy management and data acquisition needs


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posted: 5/24/2018