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Wireless Submeter - E-Mon LLC - Facility Management Product Release

Wireless Submeter: E-Mon LLC

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Wireless submetering family includes three-phase kWh submeters with 15-minute interval data recording capability, as well as a module for interfacing the installed base of E-Mon D-Mon electric submeters to the wireless automatic meter reading system. Family includes an assortment of wireless interface modules for bringing water, gas or other electric socket-type meters into the EMS. Wireless metering products provide self-configuring /self-repairing mesh network communications in the 915MHz license-free band. No cellular contract required. Receivers are FCC-certified to not interfere with existing infrastructure. Line-of-sight operation between meters is 500 feet or 200 feet through walls. Optional plug-and-play wireless gas/water/meter interface modules automatically self-configure to the network at power-on. Meters provide local storage of two or more months of 15-minute interval data.


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posted: 4/29/2008