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Two-Way Radio - Kenwood USA Corp. - Facility Management Product Release

Two-Way Radio: Kenwood USA Corp.

Kenwood USA Corp.
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The ProTalk® LT is pocket-sized, weighing 3.9 ounces and measuring 3.3 inches tall by 1.8 inches wide and less than 1-inch deep. The radios transmit 1.5 watts of power, have four channels, and are equipped with a 1,430 Milliampere per hour lithium-ion battery that charges up to 15 hours. The radios have a standard micro-USB port for conventional charging and programming. The radio meets military standards for durability, ranges up to 5 miles, reaches to 17 floors and covers up to 225,000 square feet in steel and concrete structures.


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posted: 4/18/2014