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Cummins Power Generation
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A series of 100, 125 and 150 kW Tier 3 generator sets from Cummins feature advanced sound-attenuated enclosure systems. The 100 kW unit has a sound level of 67.5 dB(A). Available in steel or aluminum with two levels of sound attenuation, the generator set and enclosure packages are intended for all-weather outdoor use wherever local ordinances or circumstances require sound abatement.

The generator set and enclosure packages are available in two levels of attenuation. The quieter sound-attenuation package features an enhanced exhaust silencer and steel construction with sound-absorbing material. This limits sound levels to 67.5 dB(A) for the 100 kW generator set package; 68.6 dB(A) for the 125 kW generator set package; and 69.6 dB(A) for the 150 kW generator set package.


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posted: 11/30/2007