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Isolation Switch - Eaton - Facility Management Product Release

Isolation Switch: Eaton

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Eaton’s double-door line isolation switch is the industry’s first compartmentalized fusible safety switch. The two-door design includes an internal barrier that separates the upper switching compartment from the lower fuse compartment. This allows operators to access the fuse compartment with no exposure to line-side power, providing enhanced safety during fuse replacement. External window and enhanced visible blade components enable personnel to clearly see that the blades are disengaged from the stationary contacts when the switch is OFF. When switch is energized Interlocking mechanism keeps door closed when handle is in the ON position, with defeat mechanism to enable user access when necessary. Screw-down fasteners on the upper switch compartment door add a layer of safety requiring a tool for entry, and include a padlocking means. Optional lower viewing windows are available (for fuses with blown fuse indicators). Double-door designs accept many of the standard safety switch accessories — auxiliary contacts, control pole, neutrals, etc. Ratings: 30 A through 1200 A, 240 Vac and 600 Vac. NEMAT Type 12/3R and 4/4X enclosures available. Optional voltage monitors provide additional verification as to whether or not the circuit is open.


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posted: 3/13/2018