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Occupancy Sensor - WattStopper/Legrand - Facility Management Product Release

Occupancy Sensor: WattStopper/Legrand

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The company’s modular high bay sensors offer a complete array of lenses and power/control modules for energy-saving occupancy-based switching of fluorescent light fixtures. The product’s snap lenses can be added in the field to configure the HB sensor for any application.

HB power module options include dual relays with separate time delays to control multiple loads and an integral light level sensor to maximize energy savings. This daylighting option is true force-off control, ensuring that lighting will switch off, and stay off, when natural light levels are above a pre-set level even when occupancy is detected. Power modules are available in line and low voltage models and are compatible with all electronic ballasts.

Passive infrared technology is employed to sense occupancy. Sensitivity and time delay controls are located on the front of the sensor. An LED occupancy detection indicator is provided for easy verification of coverage.


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posted: 1/19/2007