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Nurse Call System - Jeron Electronic Systems Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Nurse Call System: Jeron Electronic Systems Inc.

Jeron Electronic Systems Inc.
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Jeron’s Provider 620 system now can be supported using CAT-5 wiring and modular connections for bus stations. The tone-visual nurse call system can interconnect 620 stations. The improvement over the existing spliced T-tap connection method standardizes wiring and connections, reducing installation costs. Also, CAT-5 cables using the T-568 wiring standard allow the use of inexpensive hand-held cable testers to speed verification of field wiring cables prior to installation.

Single and dual patient stations will now be equipped with a cord-out bypass feature, eliminating the need for dummy plugs. The system is microprocessor controlled and features a programmable full-English text display at the console. LEDs display signals simultaneously with separate flashes for four levels of calls: Routine, Urgent, Emergency and Code. The system can be programmed to provide supplementary supervision of door contacts on selected doors, security systems and smoke detectors.


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posted: 6/19/2007