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Power Monitoring System - Onset - Facility Management Product Release

Power Monitoring System: Onset

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Onset EG4100 Series Power Monitoring Systems combine revenue-grade power metering hardware, a full suite of current transformers, and cloud-based energy visualization software.

At the core of the EG4100 Series is a revenue-grade power meter that combines an energy meter, data logger, and web server into a single integrated unit. Offered in 15- and 30-input models, the EG4100 Series allows customers to replace dozens of traditional sub-meters with an all-in-one system that streamlines the power monitoring process. The EG4100 Series functions primarily as a current transformer (CT) meter that works with both standard CTs and Rogowski Coil-based sensors, which are sold separately. Using the EG4100 Series, managers can monitor a range of energy parameters, including volts, amps, kilowatt hours, and power factor, among others.

Importantly, the EG4100 Series delivers revenue-grade monitoring for better insights into how employees, tenants, and/or systems are utilizing power, as well as how effectively solar and other power solutions are generating energy. It meets the ANSI C12.20 Class .5 electricity meter standard of +/- 0.5 percent accuracy and ANSI C12.1 watt-hour meter standard of 1 percent +/1 accuracy. It also supports typical building electrical installations, including up to 277 VAC, which is phase-neutral, and up to a maximum of 6,900 amperage per channel.

With the EG4100 Series, customers can analyze metering information through a user interface to a cloud-based dashboard that presents a straightforward and granular way to visualize energy data. The highly customizable graphical view can be set to display—or hide—any number of monitoring points, so users can view data formatted for a particular need or remove irrelevant information. Because the monitoring points are shown with user-defined time periods, it is easy to analyze data, ranging from minutes to months or even years. Additionally:

• Data updates every second provide real-time insights
• Custom alerts enable users to take action if energy readings fall outside set parameters
• Comma-separated values (CSV) exports facilitate reporting
• Reports on energy production versus energy usage support Green Building Initiatives
• Daily, weekly, and monthly summaries provide the ability to understand energy-use patterns over different time periods


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posted: 6/18/2018