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Power System Integration - Eaton's Electrical Business - Facility Management Product Release

Power System Integration: Eaton's Electrical Business

Eaton's Electrical Business
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Power Xpert Architecture is a Web-based system for measuring, monitoring, connecting and managing power systems. Modern networking technology, based on such prevalent communications standards as SNMP and Modbus TCP, enables organizations to integrate multi-vendor power and facilities infrastructure equipment into a seamlessly unified system. For the first time, Information Technology (IT) and facility managers have complete visibility of and access to real-time, accurately synchronized information related to power quality at both the system and equipment levels.

Based on the Ethernet protocol, the system provides a pathway for large volumes of data collected across the power system. Software and hardware components include:

- Meters measure and monitor critical information about the power system in real time.

- Gateways link equipment made by the company and other companies to Ethernet and the Web to produce a picture of the entire system. In addition, the gateways allow SNMP traps to be created to alert managers if problems arise.

- Network Time Servers synchronize the timing of network devices over Ethernet TCP/IP and provide access to complete timing for all possible power quality events.

- Software further enables facility and IT managers to analyze energy consumption, perform cost allocations and design system layouts in a virtual modeling environment.

The system is fully scaleable and may be deployed in basic, expanded, advanced and customized formats.


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posted: 4/9/2007