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Power Panels Feature Flexible Configuration - GE - Facility Management Product Release

Power Panels Feature Flexible Configuration: GE

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GE EntellEon low-voltage power panel offers an array of innovative features that help to streamline stocking, ordering, installation and maintenance processes. Simplicity with GE’s low-voltage EntellEon power panels begins in the stocking and ordering processes. The EntellEon power panels (150-1,200 ampere-capacity) and power panel components are available in stock at select distributors, potentially reducing end-user lead times from upwards of two weeks to as little as a day. Customers also can utilize GE’s empower configurator to learn more about available components, place orders, track shipments and research invoices. With empower, customers can assemble their desired bus in less than five minutes.

GE is shipping EntellEon power panels in subassemblies as standard, providing a custom, configurable solution. If desired, however, GE will be able to ship a completely assembled panel (for an additional cost).

Responsive: Built for Convenience, Inside and Out

The responsive, modular design of GE’s EntellEon power panel provides a variety of subassemblies. For example, the panel’s top and bottom feed reversibility and mix-and-match modularity help to save installation and maintenance time, labor and the costs — maintenance can be performed by a single person. Also, the power panels are available in three widths and four height configurations.

Adding to the modularity of the low-voltage power panels, each panel is available with horizontal- or vertical-mounted main circuit breaker options. In addition, the panel’s ergonomic packaging has been designed to help protect equipment and ease installation. GE’s EntellEon power panels feature wide, easy-to-install galvanized enclosures, standard hinged wire gutter doors, four box widths for simplified installation and a modular package design that enables the panel to easily fit through standard-sized doors. Choose from up to five different circuit breakers.

Revolutionary: Flexibility in the Field — from Assembly to Powering up

The configurable EntellEon panels feature bolted, plug-in bus connections, enabling users to add and update breakers into the panel’s bus bar, typically in less than 30 seconds each — a vast improvement compared to the previously used bolt-on method that often took up to 15 minutes per breaker to install and upgrade. In addition, the mix-and-match modularity of GE’s EntellEon power panels allows for non-similar breakers to be installed across from each other, further improving the panel’s revolutionary flexibility.

Safety is always a concern when it comes to electrical equipment. The EntellEon power panels feature ground-fault on main breakers to help improve safety and help protect against faults. In addition, the EntellEon power panels meet industry standards.


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posted: 4/25/2017