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Power Distribution Unit - Eaton's Electrical Business - Facility Management Product Release

Eaton's Electrical Business
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Powerware Enclosure Power Distribution Units (ePDU) from Eaton are designed to give IT managers more control over escalating power requirements for power distribution in data centers or high-density rack environments.

The units provide switched and managed functions to offer IT managers receptacle-level control, a Web server interface, user-defined sequencing of outlets and virtual grouping of outlets to permit single-click reboots for multi-corded servers.

Additional Powerware ePDU features include: Availablity for single-phase and three-phase applications up to 36 kilowatts, which is flexible enough for blade server and switchgear applications. Units also use separate circuit breakers for groups of receptacles to limit the impact of overload conditions on most models, and they support remote monitoring and management at the outlet, branch circuit and ePDU level.


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posted: 4/18/2008