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Data Logger Capable of Collecting Real-Time and Historical Information from Multiple Sources - QA Graphics - Facility Management Product Release

Data Logger Capable of Collecting Real-Time and Historical Information from Multiple Sources: QA Graphics

QA Graphics
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QA Graphics’ Bridge Data Manager is a data logging tool that captures data accurately and efficiently in real time. Bridge gives standalone buildings and facilities control of their own data without a monthly service fee.

Bridge lets users collect real-time and historical data from multiple data sources. The data can be easily exported into familiar file formats for reporting, comparing, commissioning, or validating. Bridge works with universities, healthcare facilities, municipalities, transportation management companies, commercial real estate firms, and manufacturing organizations. The software has flexible licensing options, so it’s perfect for projects of all sizes.

Bridge’s intuitive, web-based interface makes it easy to use important data. It’s built with HTML5 on Microsoft’s .NET framework and runs as a Windows service. Bridge can be deployed in any network configuration and works with a variety of IT security policies. The data manager connects to all major building automation systems, including Energy Star and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. It also seamlessly syncs with the Energy Efficiency Education Dashboards.

“We wanted to create a cost effective and user-friendly data logging experience for our clients. Being able to export reports on data usage has never been easier, and companies of all sizes can easily integrate Bridge into their building automation system,” says Dan McCarty, President of QA Graphics. “As the Internet of Things becomes more of a widespread topic, there will be a higher demand for data logging from our clients and we are happy to be able to provide them with this additional service.”

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posted: 11/18/2015