Facilities Product Releases: Building Automation

Listed in chronological order
Lighting Controller, Reliable Controls
BACnet Building Controller, Automated Logic
Water Management System, APANA
Water Management System, APANA
Smart Hotel Room System, Signify
Tool management app, Hilti
Access control system, Honeywell
Analytics Software, Lucid
HD Touchscreen Display, Lynxspring
Building automation system, Carrier
Enterprise Management Platform, Johnson Controls
Router, Automated Logic
Building automation system, Carrier Corp.
Automation Network Management, Sierra Monitor Corp.
IoT Platform, KMC
IoT Software, Iconics
Building Automation, Johnson Controls
Analytics Package, Automated Logic
Building automation system, Carrier Corp.
Cloud-enabled Building Management Service, Honeywell
VRF automation system, Carrier Corp.
Chiller software, Automated Logic Corp.
Energy Meter, Acuity Brands
Gateway, Dell
Data Acquisition Application, Reliable Controls
Middleware Application, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC
Platform Optimizes Building Performance Through Data Analytics, Siemens Building Technologies
Controller Delivers Niagara to the Edge, Lynxspring
User Interface Facilitates Room Reservations, Evoko
Digital Energy Management System Optimizes Operations, CURRENT, Powered by GE
App Provides Individual User Environment Control, Reliable Controls
Controller Combines Digital Lighting and HVAC, Acuity Brands
Converged Controller Integrates a Wide Range of Applications, Echelon
Wireless Sensors Provide Flexible Monitoring, Fluke
Intel Launches Building Management Platform, Intel
Data-integration Platform Gives Real-time Visibility, Switch Automation
Control Platform Geared at Small Retail Facilities, Chains, Emerson Climate Technologies Retail Solutions
Precision Airflow Solution for Critical Facilities Integrates with BMS, Phoenix Controls
IP-based Building Automation Enhances Control, Distech Controls
Solution Brings Building Automation to Smaller Buildings, Riptide
Platform Provides BMS, Lighting Control, and Shade Control, Siemens
BMS Provides Enterprise-wide View, Trane
BMS, SCADA Platform Focuses on Cybersecurity, PcVue
BAS Has BACNET VPN, Reliable Controls
BAS Enhancements Boost Ease of Use, Johnson Controls
IoT Software Also Provides Analytics, Tridium
BAS Uses Analytics to Drive Management Decisions, Automated Logic Corporation
System Performs Pneumatic HVAC Fault Diagnostics, Cypress Envirosystems
IoT Platform is Scalable to Enterprise, KMC
Markup and Collaborate on PDFs, Bluebeam
Platform Centralizes Building Data, Lucid
Hot/Cold Call App Generates Thermal Reports, CrowdComfort
Rentable Occupancy Sensor Measures Space Utilization, Condeco
Multisite Platform Streamlines Outsourced Services, SMS Assist
App Provides Cloud-Based As-Builts and More, Skysite
IoT Platform Connects Critical Energy Equipment, Blue Pillar
App Pulls, Reports Building Systems Data, BuildPulse
KPI Dashboard Highlights Operational Anomalies at a Glance, AwareManager
Power over Ethernet Enables Building Systems Convergence, Cisco
Software Leverages BIM in Building Operations, Planon
Analytics Platform Evaluates Building System's Data, SkyFoundry
Platform Performs Predictive Analytics, BuildingIQ
Reporting Tool Visualizes Building's Energy Consumption, Automated Logic
Software Analyzes Water Use in Large Properties, Banyan Water
Cooling Tower Monitor Detects Water Waste, Trident Network
Building Management Platform Connects Small/Medium Buildings to Cloud, Intel
Building Automation System Boosts Productivity, Energy Efficiency, Johnson Controls Inc.
Internet of Things Automation Solution Designed to put Commercial Buildings on Auto-Pilot, Riptide
Pump Enables Software Applications to Better Consume, Analyze and Present Data, Lynxspring
Internet Data Service Launched, Reliable Controls
Wireless Energy Management System Enables Easier Monitoring Capabilities, Autani LLC
Climate Control System Gives Occupants More Temperature Control, Building Robotics
Power Management Platforms Enable Internet of Things Energy Market, Blue Pillar
Information Management System Connects BAS, IoT Solutions, BuildPulse
Software Upgraded for Increased Campus, Remote Sites, Tridium Inc.
IP-Based Building Automation Control and Monitoring Solution Aids FMs, Distech Controls
Building Management System Comprises Four Components, Enlighted
Web-Based Control System Appeals to Small Store Owners, Parker Hannifin Corp.
BACnet Building Controller Combines Three Products, Reliable Controls Corp.
Occupancy Sensor, WattStopper/Legrand
Mobile Interface, Reliable Controls Corp.
BACnet Router, KMC Controls Inc.
Building Automation System, Trane
System Controller Series, Distech Controls
BAS User Interface, Johnson Controls Inc.
Energy Management, Schneider Electric
Building Automation Software, Alerton
Lighting Controls, GE Lighting
Lighting Controls Retrofit, WattStopper
Occupancy Sensor, Lutron Electronics Co. Inc.
Wireless Lighting Controls, Hubbell Lighting Inc.
Lighting Control System, Siemens Building Technologies Inc.
Room Control, Leviton Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Photo Controls, Intermatic
Lighting Controls, Cooper Controls
Lighting Control System, Osram Sylvania
Building Controls Upgrade Program, Trane
Graphical Images Software, Reliable Controls Corp.
Dashboard, Automated Logic Corp.
Building Management System, Honeywell Building Controls
HMI/SCADA Software, Iconics
Energy Management System, Philips Teletrol Systems Inc.
Building Management Station, Siemens Industry Inc., Automation and Drives
Analytics Framework, Tridium Inc.
Controller, Alerton
Sensor, Delta Controls
Room Controller, Schneider Electric
Controller, Distech Contols
Building Controls Upgrade Program, Trane
Predictive Facilities Management Platform, GE Co.
Building Controllers, Reliable Controls Corp.
Wireless Lighting Controls, Daintree Networks Inc.
Occupancy Detector, Steinel Professional
Wi-Fi Smart Plug, Energy Systems Technologies
Energy Management System, Powerhouse Dynamics
Energy Gateway, Rainforest Automation
Energy Dashboard, E-Mon LLC
Water Meter Monitor, WaterSignal
Sustainability Kiosk, Automated Logic Corp.
Building Automation Controllers, American Auto-Matrix
Current Sensor, Panoramic Power
Sensor, Siemens Building Technologies Inc.
Thermostat, Johnson Controls Inc.
Facility Management Software, Delta Controls
Platform For IIoT Devices, Echelon Corp.
Network Server, Trend Control Systems
HMI/SCADA Software, Iconics
Building Automation System, Honeywell Building Controls
Controller, KMC Controls Inc.
Energy Management Platform, Schneider Electric
Sensor, Reliable Controls Corp.
Web-Enabled Controller, American Auto-Matrix
Software Framework, Tridium Inc.
Building Automation System, Automated Logic Corp.
Controller, Alerton
Data Center Infrastructure Management, Schneider Electric
Intelligent Power Outlet, Telkonet
Gateway, Wireless Sensors (SensiNet)
Expansion Module, Reliable Controls Corp.
Analytics Software, Selex ES
Cyber Protection, Lynxspring Inc.
Skylight, EXTECH/Exterior Technologies Inc.
Building Automation System, Automated Logic Corp.
Building Management Station, Siemens Building Technologies Inc.
Building Automation System, American Auto-Matrix
People Counter, Irisys
Automation Software, Autani
Building Automation System, American Auto-Matrix
BACnet Controller, Delta Controls
Building Automation System, Trane
Controller, Tridium Inc.
Building Automation System, Johnson Controls Inc.
Sensor, Reliable Controls Corp.
Energy Management System, Philips Teletrol Systems Inc.
BACnet Controllers, KMC Controls Inc.
Building Automation, Iconics
Controllers, Honeywell Building Controls
Building Management System, Schneider Electric
Building Occupancy Sensors, NexLight
Building Automation Software, Automated Logic Corp.
Thermostat Automation, Daintree Networks Inc.
Software, Reliable Controls Corp.
Wireless Monitoring Kit, Onset Computer Corp.
Automation Software Update, Tridium Inc.
Building Automation Software, Iconics
Wireless Energy Management System, Incenergy LLC
Equipment Enclosures, Reliable Controls Corp.
Wireless Energy Management System, Siemens Industry Inc.
Interval Data Recorder, E-Mon LLC
Time-lapse Graphics, Automated Logic Corp.
Small Retail Energy Management, Continental Control Systems LLC
Energy Management System, Incenergy LLC
Energy Dashboard, QA Graphics
Occupancy Sensor, Acuity Brands Lighting
Open Platform, Iconics
Wireless Extension, Alerton
Building Controller, Reliable Controls Corp.
Building Management App, Siemens Industry Inc.
BACnet Controller, KMC Controls Inc.
Wireless Ethernet Controller, Xenon Inc.
Building Automation Controllers, SCL Elements Inc.
Building Automation Platform, Trane
IQeco Product Family updates IQeco controllers..., Trend Control Systems
Energy Management Solution, Schneider Electric
Energy Efficiency Package, Johnson Controls Inc.
Building Automation System, Trane
Carbon Dioxide Room Unit, Siemens Industry Inc.
Energy Management System, Agilewaves Inc.
Building Automation, Johnson Controls Inc.
Building Automation, American Auto-Matrix
Building Controller, Alerton
Building Controller, Delta Controls
Building Automation, Trane
Building Automation, Siemens Industry Inc.
Building Automation, Honeywell Building Solutions
Touch Screen, Reliable Controls Corp.
Building Automation, Philips Teletrol Systems Inc.
Building Controller, Tridium Inc.
Building Controller, KMC Controls Inc.
Gateway, FieldServer Technologies
Energy Reporting Software, Trane
Wireless Building Automation System, Autani
Direct Digital Control, Reliable Controls Corp.
Demand Response Software, Tridium Inc.
Online Demand Response, Constellation Energy
Building Automation Systems, Siemens Building Technologies Inc.
Energy Management Software, EnerNOC
Building Automation Systems, Siemens Building Technologies Inc.
Intelligent Building Controller, Tridium Inc.
Web-Based Controller, Reliable Controls Corp.
Energy Management Products, Telkonet
Central Monitoring Station, TRIATEK Inc.
Lighting Platform, Redwood Systems
Energy Control System, U.S. Energy Group
Dashboard, QA Graphics
Predictive Energy Optimization, BuildingIQ
Dashboard, Cooper Controls
Lighting Control, Schneider Electric
EMS, U.S. Energy Group
Energy Dashboard, QA Graphics
VLCA-1688 Application Controller, Alerton
Environmental Index Tool, Automated Logic Corp.
SMRT Actuators, Solidyne Corp.
eBuilding 5.0 Energy Management Solutions, Philips Teletrol Inc.
i.Lon SmartServer 2.0 EMS, Echelon Corp.
DHMI Color LCD, Delta Controls
Metasys Building Management System, Johnson Controls Inc.
EnergyEYE, Trend
Aspect FT HVAC Energy Control Solution, American Auto-Matrix
A3 Wireless Sensing, Spinwave Systems Inc.
MicroTech II Controllers, McQuay International
MACH-ProWeb BACnet Controller, Reliable Controls Corp.
Tracer SC Field Panel, Trane
Talon BAS, Siemens Building Technologies Inc.
Andover Continuum Integrated System, Schneider Electric
Enterprise Buildings Integrator, Honeywell Building Controls
JACE-202-XPR (Java Application Control Engine), Tridium Inc.
TotalControl, KMC Controls Inc.
Building Mediator, CISCO
Design Tool, Lutron Electronics Co. Inc.
Building-Automation System, Honeywell Building Solutions
BAS Software, Automated Logic Corp.
BACnet Controller, Reliable Controls Corp.
HVACR Control, Johnson Controls/PENN
BACnet Interface Module, Encelium Technologies Inc.
BACnet Controller, Reliable Controls Corp.
Controller, Honeywell ECC
Energy Management System, Advanced Telemetry LLC
BACnet Controller, KMC Controls Inc.
Energy Modeling Software, Bentley Systems Inc.
BAS Data Acquisition, Reliable Controls Corp.
MicroTech II, McQuay International
Room Sensors, Siemens Building Technologies Inc.
eBuilding 5.0, Teletrol Systems Inc.
BACnet VAV, Trend
JACE-202-XPR, Tridium Inc.
BACnet-Controller, Alerton
Andover Continuum, TAC
SMRT Line of Actuators, Solidyne Corp.
Metasys, Johnson Controls Inc.
Tracer SC, Trane
EBI R400, Honeywell Building Solutions
Environmental Index Tool, Automated Logic Corp.
BAC-7000 Series, KMC Controls Inc.
BAS Touch Screen, Delta Controls
Wireless Mesh System, Kanepi Innovations
BCM-WEB Building Control Module, Alerton
Spyder Sylk Enhanced Controller, Honeywell Environmental Combustion and Controls
E20-II Hourly Analysis Program v4.40, Carrier Corp.
Tracker T2000, Harrington Signal Inc.
Synova FC330A, Siemens Building Technologies Inc.
Direct Digital Control, Siemens Energy & Automation Inc.
BAS Platform, Honeywell Building Solutions
Shade Control System, Nysan
Chiller Control Panel, Trane
Data Logger, AEMC Instruments
IR Sensors, Exertherm
Automation Touchscreen, Square D
Lighting On-Demand, Universal Lighting Technologies Inc.
Symbol Library, Quality Automation Graphics
Energy-Management Software, Teletrol Systems Inc.
Fire Alarm Control Panel Modules, FieldServer Technologies
Digital Thermometer, Control Co.
Wireless Connector, Digital Monitoring Products Inc.
EnOcean-Based Controllers, Ad Hoc Electronics
Ethernet Gateway, FieldServer Technologies
Humidifier Web Controller, DRI-STEEM Corp.
Hospitality Switches, Echoflex Solutions Inc.
Demand-Response Thermostat, Honeywell Building Solutions
Temperature and Humidity Sensor, Control Co.
Communications Gateway, Aerco International Inc.
Traceable Thermometer, Control Co.
AC Control, Rawal Devices Inc.
Energy-Management Thermostat, Telkonet
LON-Based Building Controller, Honeywell Building Solutions
Machine Controller and Communicator, Moore Industries
BACnet Controller, Reliable Controls Corp.
Computer-Directed Airflow Management System, Degree Controls
Control System, Daikin AC (Americas) Inc.
Temperature Controls, Innovation By Design Inc.
Building Automation Software, Reliable Controls Corp.
Computer-Directed Airflow Management System, Degree Controls
Wireless Energy Management System, Sensicast Systems Inc.
Building Management System, Johnson Controls Inc.
Secure Network Server, Honeywell Building Solutions
Legacy HVAC Monitoring, Honeywell International
BACnet System Controller, Delta Controls
Embedded Controller Device, Tridium Inc.
Energy Management System, Energex Inc.
Energy Management System, Eaton's Electrical Business
Native Relay Panel, Blue Ridge Technologies International LLC
Programmable Automation Controller, Schneider Electric
Building Automation Software, Siemens Building Technologies Inc.
Online Facility Maintenance Tools, TAC
Wireless Mesh Sensor Network, Spinwave Systems Inc.
Controllers, Reliable Controls Corp.
Building Automation System, Johnson Controls Inc.
BACnet Wireless Router, Kiyon Inc.
Controller, Reliable Controls Corp.
Transducer, Solidyne Corp.
Wireless Mesh Router, Kiyon Inc.
Controllers, FieldServer Technologies
Building Controls, TCS Basys Controls
Building Management System, TAC
Building Ventilation Control, Aircuity
Wireless Automation Level Network, Siemens Building Technologies Inc.
Temperature Controls, TCS Basys Controls
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Videographic Recorder, ABB USA
BACnet Service Tool, TAC
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