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Thermal-Imaging Camera - FLIR Systems Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

FLIR Systems Inc.
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The BCAM can image entire rooms; inspect areas that can’t be physically reached with moisture meters; reveal wet conditions behind surfaces, such as wallpaper which doesn’t readily water stain; track leaks to their source; monitor the drying process; and confirm when a structure is dry.

Its rugged and lightweight body allows users to hold it in their hand, clip to their belt, or place in a toolbox. Dust and splash proof, it meets IP 54 standards and withstands harsh industrial environments. A 3.5-inch color LCD displays thermal imagery. Its Li-Ion battery assures uninterrupted inspections for up to 7 hours, and a built-in Laser LocatIR enables users to pinpoint problems with accuracy. The on-board, flexible JPEG image storage allows users to download images to a computer via a USB cable and QuickView software.


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posted: 2/7/2007