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Module Supplies Power for Low-Voltage Power Networks in Buildings - Nextek Power Systems - Facility Management Product Release

Nextek Power Systems

Nextek Power Systems’ Power Server Module (PSM) is the leading direct current (DC) power supply for low-voltage power networks in buildings.

“One-hundred percent of the intersections between the cyber world and the physical world are DC,” says Paul Savage, Nextek’s CEO. “We see huge changes in our customer’s strategies for their buildings — including LED lighting and controls, but also much more.”

Nextek’s family of power server modules can take power from the grid and on-site DC sources like batteries or solar PV, and deliver the safe, flexible low-voltage DC power that everything electronic runs on today. This industry-leading power plant for buildings boasts over 94 percent alternating current (AC) to DC conversion efficiency, and 98 percent integrated solar PV efficiency. The PSM is also massively connected itself: each 16-channel hub has 2-way communications, either wireless or wired according to the customer’s requirements. It’s a general-purpose class 2-power supply with a utility-grade meter built-inside, accessible to any device with permission. Moreover, each channel can act as a dimming LED driver that talks ZigBee, IPv6 and BACnet IP. It’s Nextek Power System’s flagship product that helps you “Do More With Your Energy.”

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posted: 11/19/2015