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Legacy HVAC Monitoring - Honeywell International - Facility Management Product Release

Honeywell International
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The Excel 5000 OpenViewNet from Honeywell is a secure network device that connects the company’s family of controllers to the Internet, delivering remote, Web-based monitoring and control of heating, ventilation and cooling systems.

The device gives users access to building data via Internet Explorer or a Pocket PC-enabled mobile device using a graphical interface. The interface provides a high-level system overview and also allows facility managers to drill down, visualize a specific piece of equipment to gather information on its operation and make adjustments as necessary.

The device also allows managers to track overall system performance with trend charts they can export to a spreadsheet for easy analysis. OpenViewNet can be set up as a stand-alone system or integrated into the Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator management platform.


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posted: 9/26/2007