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Analytics Package - Automated Logic - Facility Management Product Release

Analytics Package: Automated Logic

Automated Logic
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EnergyReports energy analysis and reporting tool uses building operations data to help drive building energy performance improvements. Using the WebCTRL building automation system, building owners and operators can now securely push data from a single building or a portfolio of buildings to a cloud-based platform. From there, they can create graphs, charts, reports and dashboards to visualize the building data. This can help them to:

• Leverage data from the WebCTRL building automation system
• Normalize and compare performance across buildings and time periods
• See the big picture through data visualizations
• Have visibility into a broad scope of energy resources – electricity, water and gas
• Track energy usage and costs across the entire building portfolio
• Identify patterns and problem areas for immediate action
• Improve occupant comfort, productivity and engagement
• Tell their building’s story to all key stakeholders
• Drive increased energy efficiency and reduce operating costs

The data visualizations are intuitive and flexible and can be shared easily between operators, energy managers and executives, allowing each to see the key performance indicators that matter most to them.

The new EnergyReports tool is available to purchase in three different tiers to accommodate specific customer needs. The first tier is the EnergyReports EcoScreen Edition that showcases a building’s energy conservation and sustainability measures. Displayed on a public touchscreen, company intranet, or mobile device, the EcoScreen Edition allows the people and teams in the facility to collaborate and share sustainability goals. The second tier is the EnergyReports Dashboards Edition. Building on the benefits of the EcoScreen Edition, the Dashboards Edition allows operators to create graphs, charts, reports and dashboards to visualize the building data. This allows operators to improve occupant comfort, analyze energy costs and identify performance issues. EnergyReports Analytics Edition is the third tier and builds upon the Dashboards Edition by adding several key analysis and visualization capabilities for advanced energy management across a building portfolio.


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posted: 1/12/2018