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Analytics Software - Lucid - Facility Management Product Release

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BuildingOS Facilities enables commercial building owners and operators to integrate asset and work order data into Lucid’s data analytics and reporting platform, BuildingOS.

BuildingOS Facilities gives users the ability to centralize critical asset and work order information from multiple systems to provide consistent visibility across assets and sites, run portfolio and site-level analytics on operations, and open access to the data to a broader set of users.

BuildingOS Facilities combines metering, system, expense, and IoT data integration with building asset information and associated work order information through pre-built integrations to leading work order and asset systems. This makes it easier to capture and analyze data streams that have traditionally been housed in disparate systems. BuildingOS users can leverage powerful analytics for tracking, reporting and performance optimization. For instance, operators can identify assets that need to be replaced, uncover asset performance anomalies, and track resource consumption by asset.

Building operators can combine these new data sets with BuildingOS data from energy management systems, submetering, IoT, integrated workplace management systems, and other systems, to easily centralize and share insights across teams for better collaboration and more informed decision making.


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posted: 6/15/2018