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VRF GATEWAY - JOHNSON CONTROLS - Facility Management Product Release


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The Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Smart Gateway provides unprecedented control for network management centers. Offering fast, simple integration into the Metasys building automation system (BAS) or any other BACnet BAS, the small, yet powerful gateway brings data into a BAS for comprehensive control of the entire system. Data is organized and available on-demand from any connected device.

The VRF Smart Gateway works over Ethernet to discover all data points from VRF indoor and outdoor units, and makes the data available for every component across the entire system through the Metasys BAS. This comprehensive point data provides greater diagnostic capabilities and system control.

Data is automatically structured and organized during the integration process, eliminating the time and costs associated with formatting. Information is displayed using familiar Metasys BAS conventions. Device and point names, graphics and summaries are uniform and consistent with other system data. Additionally, all

Metasys BAS capabilities, including the Metasys user interface and offline configuration, are available for VRF systems. The user interface features a global search, schedules and reporting.

Seamless integration with the Metasys BAS means the entire system is accessible and controllable through the BAS interface. In addition, Wi-Fi accessibility enables communication settings to be configured and data monitored and controlled 24/7 from a laptop, smartphone or tablet.

The next-generation VRF product line will feature multiple technology advancements. Outdoor units will offer improved performance, additional module sizes and greater efficiency. Indoor units will include several sizes of multi-port change-over boxes, improved static pressure performance for ducted units, and new capacities for several style units. In addition, VRF controls will offer new features with new functionality.


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posted: 6/6/2017