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Software Leverages BIM in Building Operations - Planon - Facility Management Product Release

Software Leverages BIM in Building Operations: Planon

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Facility managers have a great opportunity to leverage the technology and data associated with a BIM project. Planon Connect for BIM is a unique solution that provides a bidirectional data exchange between a BIM and the Planon Universe IWMS platform to ensure consistent and relevant re-use of information for building operations, including processes like maintenance, space, portfolio, and contract management. This eliminates the traditional information loss between the construction and operation phase and maximizes the effective use of the BIM during a building’s full lifecycle.

Data exchange between Planon Connect for BIM and the Planon Universe is based on the industry standard COBieLite, a structured XML-based file format. This exchange allows users to work, plan, and make changes in both platforms simultaneously. Planon Connect for BIM also includes a Revit add-in that supports the preparation and structuring of floors, spaces, and assets in the BIM, as well as visualization aspects.


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posted: 12/5/2016