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Precision Airflow Solution for Critical Facilities Integrates with BMS - Phoenix Controls - Facility Management Product Release

Phoenix Controls
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The Vantage Control Solution combines Phoenix Controls products ranging from precision valve controllers to network integration hardware and front-end displays to deliver intelligent room pressure monitoring, accurate airflow control and actionable data. Additionally, it flexibly integrates with existing building management systems, as a standalone laboratory or critical healthcare space management system. This adaptability allows users to interact with one core dashboard instead of multiple systems within the building. One solution focused on the critical space to view and identify the cause behind energy waste and potentially unsafe conditions.

The Vantage Control Solution differs from most building management systems because it provides a more detailed level of information needed to immediately take action and reduce utility costs in energy-intensive spaces. This solution provides an over-arching system that gives facility managers a single comprehensive unified suite. This enables an in-depth view of all crucial points within their space to ultimately optimize their outcomes.

The Vantage Solution offers a lower overall total cost of ownership and can provide energy savings upwards of 25 percent and can decrease maintenance costs by 15 percent, according to the company.


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posted: 1/4/2017