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An extensive line of Metasys System field gear is now BACnet Testing Laboratory (BTL) certified, a status that confirms the components' interoperability with other BACnet devices.

The following components are now listed with BACnet International, BTL's parent organization:

- Network Automation Engine (B-BC)

- Network Control Engine (B-BC)

- Field Equipment Controller (B-ASC)

- VAV Modular Assembly (B-ASC)

- Input/Output Module (B-ASC)

- TEC Network Fan Coil and Zoning Thermostat Controllers (B-ASC)

- TEC Network Staged Thermostat Controller (B-ASC)

- Network Sensor (B-SS)

BACnet is a data communications protocol for building automation and control devices including HVAC equipment, and fire and life safety systems. The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) adopted BACnet as a standard in 1995. ASHRAE Standard Project Committee 135 oversees and maintains it.


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posted: 5/9/2007