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Data-integration Platform Gives Real-time Visibility - Switch Automation - Facility Management Product Release

Data-integration Platform Gives Real-time Visibility: Switch Automation

Switch Automation

People who manage lots of buildings have limited visibility and control over their building systems or data. This makes it difficult to make business decisions about their real estate—like how to improve customer service, manage vendor contracts or save money. Switch Automation is the software layer that connects all types of data from all types of sites, to give real-time visibility into building performance.

First, we integrate all of the disjointed monitoring and energy metering devices and sub-systems in an organization. Then we collect and post this data to the cloud where our customers analyze, automate and control their real estate assets in real-time. In essence, we create one central command and control center to empower data-based decisions about global real estate.   Switch Automation is a cloud-hosted enterprise operations platform designed and developed specifically for buildings and the emerging growth in IoT for Smart Buildings and Smart Cities.


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posted: 1/5/2017