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Data Acquisition Application - Reliable Controls - Facility Management Product Release

Reliable Controls
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RC-Archive 3.6 continuously downloads building data logs into an industry standard SQL database, delivering a record of performance from any Internet-connected, BACnet facility.

RC-Archive SQL-based data acquisition application is used to create long-term trend logs archived from multiple buildings. RC-Archive maintains an SQL database of trend log data, which is accessed by Reliable Controls workstation software, RC-Studio 3 as well as Reliable Controls building performance reporting software, RC-Reporter, to provide seamless integration with real-time online data. Archived data can be easily viewed, graphed, printed, or exported into third-party applications such as Microsoft Excel.

This edition of RC-Archive includes the following features:

Configuration Utility
• Updated subscription licensing
• New online help
• BACnet Virtual Private Network (B/VPN) connection support
• Discovery for individual devices in a system

Database Utility
• View vital database status indicators
• Export data to Microsoft Excel
• Manage database size by purging data
• Delete databases and related scheduled tasks
• Conserve disk space by shrinking log files
• Audit manual changes made to RC-Archive databases
• Bulk edit data timestamps for multiple records

In addition, RC-Archive 3.6 also features a number of improvements, including:
• Faster loading of system lists for large networks
• Compatibility with 64-bit computers
• New ASCII support
• New tool to restore a database
• Upgraded crash reporting and system stability
• Upgraded trend log and database functionality
• Upgraded notification email options
• Improved user interface
• Improved log file zipping tool
• Improved data collection stability and performance
• Improved license management
• More robust collection service connectivity


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posted: 7/7/2017