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Hospitality Switches - Echoflex Solutions Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Echoflex Solutions Inc.
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EnOcean-enabled controls from Echoflex are available as a self-powered wireless key switch, activated by hotel key cards. The switch is designed to reduce the cost of powering unoccupied hotel rooms and simplify the process of conforming to ASHRAE/IESNA standard 90.1 -- which requires that hotel rooms feature an occupancy-based master control.

When a guest enters a room, they insert the key card into a docking station. After the key card is inserted, a radio signal is transmitted to a controller that subsequently "energizes" the hotel room. When the key card is removed from its dock, another signal is sent that activates a time delay before disabling or setting back power-consuming devices. The switch is programmed to the controller and the time delay can be adjusted in 30-, 60-, 90- and 120-second increments.


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posted: 5/14/2008