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Building Automation: Johnson Controls

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The Metasys 9.0 building automation system offers substantial enhancements to the Metasys product line, including two IP/Ethernet-based controllers and user interface (UI) features that make finding critical information and resolving issues easier than ever.

Because the two BACnet IP field equipment controllers communicate on Ethernet IP networks, they support increased network performance and bandwidth and enable easy integrations. They also help reduce customers’ total cost of ownership of their Metasys system, by sharing IT networking assets and infrastructure and by future-proofing the BAS network wiring with Ethernet cabling. Both are BTL-listed as BACnet Advanced Application Controllers (B-AAC), include a real-time clock for internal scheduling, alarming and trending, and support star and daisy chain network wiring topologies.

The enhanced UI includes a Building Network feature, which provides access to all objects defined under the Metasys component hierarchy for a familiar navigation and status experience. The Building Network view requires no configuration, resulting in a faster delivery of the Metasys UI. Another enhancement—Advanced Search and Reporting—allows Metasys operators to quickly search for data, create reports and issue bulk commands, making it easier than ever to get critical data out of the Metasys system and to restore order.

Custom Dashboards enable personalization of the Metasys UI—by widget and device type—to match varied operational styles for enhanced operator productivity. In addition, Custom Behaviors provides Metasys UI designers the flexibility to use custom symbols and images to match individual building or enterprise needs or local standards. These features enhance the capabilities of the Metasys UI, such as its ease of navigation, mobile-friendly HTML5 design and modern, photo-realistic graphics.


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posted: 1/24/2018