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App Pulls, Reports Building Systems Data - BuildPulse - Facility Management Product Release

App Pulls, Reports Building Systems Data: BuildPulse

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BuildPulse app allows commercial properties to leverage data for greater efficiency and profits. Building owners and facility teams can get detailed reports without setting up trends or adding expensive equipment.

BuildPulse, a plug-n-play solution for building automation systems that works on both new and legacy systems, has launched an out of the box operations and fault detection service for commercial buildings. The rapid-setup system pulls data from existing building automation systems (HVAC, lighting, and submeters) and standardizes it using automated processes.

Until now, commercial buildings that are 40,000 sq. ft. or more have been underserved by current building automation solutions because the set-up costs and time spent analyzing data is significantly more expensive than the resulting energy savings. BuildPulse offers secure cloud-based tools to ensure that all building systems are running as expected. BuildPulse's device is a one-way push to the cloud and does not have local credentials to a network so systems are safe and secure behind a company’s firewall.

“For the first time building owners and facility teams can get detailed reports without setting up trends or adding expensive equipment. BuildPulse takes existing data from buildings and uses it to provide detailed information to building managers,” says Jason Burt, VP Product Manager at BuildPulse. “This is the first solution to be compatible with both new and legacy systems, and works with non-web enabled systems. So companies do not need expensive upgrades to get value out of existing equipment.”

BuildPulse is a plug-n-play app that works directly into a building’s automation system and automatically creates an algorithm with standardized data, so reporting is the same between the building and the system. BuildPulse’s Smart Read System (SRS) supports legacy systems and has a unique series parallel read. The system can pull data more frequently without stalling or crashing a system and works seamlessly with Siemens, Johnson, Alerton, among others.

“We designed BuildPulse with automated reporting, so teams spend more time fixing issues compared to looking for them. As an analyst in the cloud, BuildPulse is also able to detect which pieces of equipment are highest in terms of expenditure and gives suggestions on how to lower costs. BuildPulse works across systems and automates standardization of data, so managers can finally manage a portfolio of buildings at a system level. The system also gives peace of mind by providing remote access 24/7,” says Brice Kosnik, CEO.

Additional key features include Auditing Tools that automatically audit buildings to make sure they are running within expectations. Fault Detection and Diagnostics to identify the most common issues found in buildings, and Comfort Diagnostics reports that identify issues before a customer calls and shows the impact of changes on tenant comfort.


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posted: 12/6/2016