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Platform Provides BMS, Lighting Control, and Shade Control - Siemens - Facility Management Product Release

Platform Provides BMS, Lighting Control, and Shade Control: Siemens

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Siemens Total Room Automation (TRA) solution provides integral BMS, lighting and shade control with the single, fused Ethernet End-to-End platform. By eliminating the need to install and integrate three separate control systems, TRA lowers total installed costs and reduces project execution complexity. The ASHRAE 90.1 and CEC Title24 compliant and holistic BMS, light and shade control applications maximize energy savings and comfort.

A single HMI allows the user to adjust temp, lights and shades. The Green Leaf feature notifies the user of energy waste due to manual overrides and enables the user to restore energy efficient conditions with a single click.


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posted: 1/3/2017