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BACnet Wireless Router - Kiyon Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Kiyon Inc.
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The KAN154BACnet MSTP Mesh wireless router is designed for BACnet MSTP networks. It is the only high-bandwidth wireless mesh solution that supports BACnet to control HVAC, lighting, access control, power management, and sensor data acquisition.

The KAN154B can be installed in closets, or mounted on ceilings or walls, and can deliver transmission speeds up to 54 Mbps. Since the routers create a BACnet wireless grid, they also make it easy to add in devices as needed and are self-healing, providing automatic failover in the event of a fault, seamlessly rerouting over multiple pathways in case of an interruption. Using directional and high-gain antennas also can extend the coverage range, including between buildings. A router can communicate with the entire network as long as it is in range of one other networked unit.

The KAN154B BACnet MSTP Mesh Router’s key features include plug-and-play connectivity with BACnet MSTP compatible systems; secure wireless networking that is compatible with standard data encryption protocols; Self-healing capabilities that enable routers to re-route over alternate pathways if a link is interrupted; improved coverage. The product runs on 24-volt power supply.


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posted: 3/19/2007