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Digital Energy Management System Optimizes Operations - CURRENT, Powered by GE - Facility Management Product Release

CURRENT, Powered by GE
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Current, powered by GE, offers a digital energy management solution for commercial and industrial facilities. The tool is built on Predix, GE’s operating system for the Industrial Internet. From lighting to HVAC systems, restaurants, retailers, warehouses and commercial businesses can use the solution to see exactly where and when energy is being used in real time, while powerful software enables not only historic, but also predictive and prescriptive analytics.
“This tool is a perfect example of the optimization enabled through the power of the Industrial Internet,” says Maryrose Sylvester, president & CEO of Current, powered by GE. “Energy is one of the largest overhead costs to any business, and customers are looking for a holistic, simple way to manage energy smarter. As we integrate sensors and software across systems, businesses can transform the way they see and optimize not only their energy use, but also their operational productivity.”
Increasingly, entities are seeing the benefits of building automation and are seeking out connectivity. Current is integrating intelligence via infrastructure like LEDs, and its new app harnesses the power of data beyond energy savings.

Customers across a variety of industries are already realizing the energy-saving potential of this intelligent app, with pilot installations for customers underway.


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posted: 3/3/2017