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Control Platform Geared at Small Retail Facilities, Chains - Emerson Climate Technologies Retail Solutions - Facility Management Product Release

Control Platform Geared at Small Retail Facilities, Chains: Emerson Climate Technologies Retail Solutions

Emerson Climate Technologies Retail Solutions
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Site Supervisor is a facility control platform to optimize HVAC, refrigeration, lighting and other critical equipment. The first release of Site Supervisor includes units for use in convenience stores, pharmacies, chained foodservice, mixed retail and commercial buildings.

When connected to major building systems and equipment, Site Supervisor controls conditions and provides status. Settings are easily adjustable to maximize performance while collecting and analyzing data. If conditions change or systems operate outside of normal parameters, priority alerts are generated for simple recognition that action may be needed. With these insights, store managers can quickly respond to potential system issues that could impact the customer experience and food safety. Retailers can easily navigate the Site Supervisor platform through a simple, intuitive user interface on a wall-mounted display, PC or mobile devices. Facility data can be securely accessed locally, on a network or through the Emerson cloud.

Optimized for small format retail stores, Site Supervisor provides store managers with local access to easily view current facility conditions. Enterprise-level visibility is also offered for corporate sites and service technicians to remotely monitor and quickly make changes to optimize operations. When needed, authorized users can easily override key functions, such as adjusting lighting system schedules.

Retailers can seamlessly connect Site Supervisor with Emerson’s ProActTM Services for a complete enterprise-wide solution. ProAct Services offer around-the-clock remote monitoring for visibility and control across an entire chain of stores. Insights from real-time facility data can be leveraged to diagnose alarms, resolve problems and maintain systems. HVAC, refrigeration and lighting settings can be automatically monitored across a chain, reducing costs and errors associated with manual intervention at individual sites. With ProAct Services, many issues can be resolved remotely from one central location, decreasing unnecessary service calls and reducing maintenance costs.


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posted: 1/5/2017